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Personal information

Personal Information

Im 26 from Scotland, iv always been into gaming but iv only recently came back to wow. Highly motivated and will do everything in my power to achieve my goals.

Character information

Character Information

Demon Hunter
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I have full 425 Benthic gear for DH.
Currently dont have the gear but i can play Vengeance but it seems to be a sub-optimal class in Bfa

Other information

Other Information
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Looking at your Wowprogress page we both have the same mindset towards raiding. A good community of good experienced players that are there to enjoy the game we all love.
I came back to Wow after a long break (BC to end of Legion) and created my Demon Hunter near the end of Uldir. I manged to achieve Ghuun Curve and 2/8 Mythic in Uldir.

With my first mythic raiding guild i achieved 4/9 Mythic in BoD before i moved to Kazzak and with True Diligence we achieved 6/9 Mythic and are currently 3/8 Mythic with multiple sub 3% wipes on Ashvane
Arisen - Stormrage, this was my first guild raiding guild when i returned to Wow but it moved to Tarren Mill because Stormrage didnt have the players to keep the guild Mythic raiding.

Moved to Kazzak with 6 friends in April 2019 and formed True Diligance, our goal was to for a solid team for mythic progression with a good community behind it. The release of classic, struggles with recruitment and managing the guild was taking most of mine and the officer teams time so we have decided that we will not continue raiding.
I raid for the sense of achievement, when you finally get that kill after 200 pulls of a boss. I believe in winning as a group and there is no better way in wow than Mythic raiding.


I look forward to hearing from you guys and hopefully i can get the chance to raid with you all.
31. August 2019 11:26
User avatar Retribution Paladin
Hello and thanks for your application, We'll get back to you by Monday at the latest.
04. September 2019 17:35
User avatar Windwalker Monk
I'm sad to say we've decided to stop raiding. Sorry for the time it took to get back to you, but we didn't want to take someone in to a dying guild, hence the delay.

Best of luck finding a guild!


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