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Purrstylo's Application Battletag: Not shown for your role. Posted: 28. August 2019 - 18:44

Application has been declined.

Personal information

Personal Information

Mircea Hotoleanu
I am an old school old timer, that enjoys long walks on the beach and I love mayo on pizza. I am sociable, friendly and can be very serious when it comes to raiding.

Character information

Character Information

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I am like 1 quest away from 64 and planning on dinging 65 this week if I find a viable guild to raid with. I have done a lot of islands on my other char and I am not afraid to that again. :)

Other information

Other Information
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The reason behind my choice is because you guys have similar experience in the current content and I like proper progress not cutting corners to join a higher guild. In addition to that the raiding schedule suits my schedule really well.
Unfortunately wow life was not consistent. I am a legion returned player, former PvP player and so on.

I returned late Legion and my proper mythic raiding career started only last raid tier when I got 8/8 cutting edge Jaina, on both factions.

The oldest relevant raiding experience was in 2010 when I achieved Realm First Grand Crusader.
TDR- The guild is kinda on the disband path, and I am looking to keep on raiding. I am sad that it came to this but we gotta move on, I do proud myself in being loyal and I hate changing guilds, however, if its for the better it has to be done.
My goals are simple, raid mythic progression, and reach cutting edge, on both factions. :)

No :(

28. August 2019 22:52
User avatar Retribution Paladin
Hello and thanks for your application, We'll get back to you by Monday at the latest.
31. August 2019 11:23
User avatar Retribution Paladin
Hello. Sadly you are not quite what we are looking for. So we'll have to decline you at this time. Good luck in your guild search.

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