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Personal Information

Kántor Gábor

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Played as holy, but want to change to dsic as mainspec. I'm not as good as holy yet.

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Other Information

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I would like to join a stable mythic progress guild with no more than 2-3 raiddays.
Hmmm the history is long so if you let me I just write the short version.
Healing since BC mostly with holy paladin, but rerolled to resto druid and (in mid-Nighthold) to holy priest because my guild wanted it. There is only a few bosses which I didn't killed during current content: SWP everything after Felmyst, Lich King 25hc, Sha of Fear hc in mop, full HFC in WoD and G'huun in Uldir and Crucible of Storms.
BFA raid history: Uldir 7/8 mythic, BoD 9/9 mythic and EP 3/8 mythic
Elemental Gankery-Ragnaros: disbanded.
Deadly Momentum-Ragnaros: changed to my friends guild.
Fragment-Ragnaros: friends quit wow.
Dark Substance: had some rl problem and couldn't focus on raids plus I didn't want to play as disc back then (now I understand that impossible to find a guild as only-holy in a "disc priest content")
Wow=hardest difficulty raids for me which is mythic now. I'm not interested any other content in wow like pvp, m+ push etc.


As mentioned previously I'm not as good with my disc spec as my holy yet, but I'm willing to practice and be better with it.
28. August 2019 22:52
User avatar Retribution Paladin
Hello and thanks for your application, We'll get back to you by Monday at the latest.

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