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Application has been declined.

Personal information

Personal Information

My name is Ivan, but most of my friends call me Eino.

I am working in the IT department and I am also a rock&metal journalist who's part of Bulgaria's biggest independent webzine for heavy music.

If I'm not working, you can find me at home playing WoW, writing stuff for the webzine, listening to music or being somewhere outside. Probably drinking beers or attending a live gig. Sometimes both. :)

Character information

Character Information

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She got really lucky on the benthic lottery. :)

Other information

Other Information
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Well, one of my main goals is being part of a guild where people are mature and as far as possible from acting toxic.

To put it in other words, I see that your guild values environment and community as much as progress, which is a must for me when it comes down to playing with other people.
Previously I have played WoW up until Cataclysm and after that I quit for several years. Eventually I came back... Just like everyone does. Once a WoWer, always a WoWer.

Even though I stopped playing, I continued following the game thru the Internet and kept myself up-to-date with what was happening.

I came back to playing WoW during the pre-BfA content and since then my raiding experience includes:

Uldir - AotC (5th week) and 5/8 M
BoD - AotC (1st week) and 4/9 M
CoS - AotC (2nd week)
TEP - AotC (3rd week) and currently 3/8M
I've got a few social guilds behind my back, but I'm gonna tell you only about the raiding ones.

Horn Of Gondor - I was part of their roster for less than a month. Did some Uldir HC runs with them but left because the favoritism when it came to people who are real life friends with each other.

TaHrPa - Although those guys are from my country and they are experienced players, I decided to leave them due to the fact that sometimes I found the raiding atmosphere to be somewhat toxic - some of them yelled without any apparent reason, others didn't communicate at all and etc.

Ruthless Few - Joined those fellas on August 3, but the guild leaders just decided to call it quits... We got to 3/8M with a 35% best try on Ashvane.
I have always liked PvE more than PvP due to the fantasy element and the way the lore is implemented in this part of the game.

One of the things I like the most about (guild) raiding is the moment of grouping with 20 more players in order to learn an encounter and help each other with beating it and getting gear. It really helps people with strengthening the social element of the game.

Of course, I want to improve myself up to a level where Cutting Edge achievement are finally obtainable for me. The best scenario in which I see myself improving that much is finding people with the same desire to beat the game at that level while remaining a laid back team and making the experience enjoyable.

My current guild got all that, they got CE during the Jaina tier, but now the leaders decided to call it quits.

No, unfortunately I don't, but I'd love to!

I have M+ experience as well. Got Keystone Conqueror during the last season and this one as well. Only difference is this one I'm aiming for Keystone Master and for now I'm getting there step by step. :)

P.S. I've applied before, but I'm way better now. At least in my own opinion... :D
27. August 2019 16:58
User avatar Windwalker Monk
Thanks for your application - we'll get back to you ASAP (can't give an estimate currently, sorry).
28. August 2019 18:25
User avatar Fire Mage
Got accepted into TDR this morning, but a few hours ago they decided to stop raiding, so my application is still up.
28. August 2019 22:58
User avatar Retribution Paladin
Hello. That is unfortunate to hear indeed. But i'm glad you are still interested. Thanks for the update. We'll get you an answer ASAP.
02. September 2019 16:10
User avatar Retribution Paladin
Application withdrawn

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