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Personal information

Personal Information

The netherlands
Hello ,

Im Ryan and im a very chill guy from the netherlands. I've been raiding since wotlk ulduar and have always been an active raider. In legion i started with mythic raiding clearing emeral nightmare. Unfortunately i was camping with some real life problems which make me had to quit wow. In nighthold i returned for some casual raiding with friends mostly just pugging HC. At the end of legion with Antorus i finally found a good guild to clear mythic with. I quickly rose trough the ranks and become an officer. They decided to make me raidleader aswell. Everything went really well until our guild started falling apart and we had a shortage of raiders to clear. Which had us make the hard decision of ending the raiding untill BFA release. At the start of BFA we all were very driven to start raiding again. We cleared HC in no-time and went for mythic. We made it up untill vectis when we had recruitment problems again. My guild master lost interest and the other officer decided it was better to quit aswell. With this patch i returned playing again and really enjoying the new raid(pugs not so much tho) im just casually raiding with some real life friends but ive decided i want to step up. This is why i applied :) cleared 7/8 HC with pugs now.

Character information

Character Information

Restoration, Enhancement
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I am willing to play resto if needed altho i have an holy pala alt which i enjoy more in healing. I will be able to raid with both altho the pala will need some more gear.

Other information

Other Information

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I found you on wowprogress while looking for a guild that fits my schedule. Im working as a bartender/waiter so weekends are in a tough spot for me to raid. Your days fit me way better. And your progress in present and past raids is really nice. And i would like to be a part of that.
Ulduar 25 13/14
ToTc 25 HC 5/5
ICC 25 12/12
Firelands 10 HC 7/7
DS 10 HC 8/8
I didnt raid in MoP
Highmaul 6/7
HFC HC 12/13
EN Mythic 3/7
ToV HC 3/3
Nighthold HC 10/10
ToS HC 9/9
Antorus mythic 5/11
Uldir mythic 3/8
didnt raid BoD
EP HC 8/8 1/8M
As i mentioned in the "about yourself" section. My guild is kinda dead right now and no one is online doing anything so im looking for an active guild to raid and do m+ with. It would be awesome if my friends can come with me as socials.
Im raiding to down the bosses and not for gear. Gear is just a way to down the bosses easier. My ultimate goal would be getting cutting edge.


Not really , you guys seem like a really nice guild and i feel like i put enough effort in this apply to show how much i want to join. Im not toxic and always ready for either feedback or critisicm. I always sim myself and do whats best to pop the meters. Mechanics over dps tho ;) I hope to hear from you soon !
19. August 2019 19:40
User avatar Windwalker Monk
Thanks for your application - we'll get back to you within 48 hours.
20. August 2019 08:47
User avatar Shaman
I killed aszhara HC and abyssal commander mythic yesterday so i made an edit to my apply.
22. August 2019 03:25
User avatar Windwalker Monk
Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, really appreciate the effort your put into the app.

I'm afraid we're looking for someone more ready to join us on progression (your gear is falling behind at this stage of the tier, same for your neck level, as much as we all hate it). Your somewhat lack of higher end mythic progression also factored into our decision.

Best of luck finding yourself a new guild!

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