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Personal information

Personal Information

United arab emirates
my name is abdulla , i am 28 years old i am half jordanian half canadian (weird mix eh ) , i live/work in UAE- Dubai , working as a marine operations engineer (office no longer offshore rigs) , i am married and i have a beautiful 2 year old son. been playing the game ever since TBC where i had my breaks here and there due to IRL but there is always an enigma that pulls me back, i hope i can take the next adventure in wow within your guild

Character information

Character Information

Subtlety, Outlaw
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my first character was hacked during the end of WOLK (i used to raid from an internet cafe) and my account got hacked due to the pc i used to raid from had a keylogger, my email/account got hacked and i couldnt get it back, (meronar - kazzak eu)

i made this character during TOT and i leveled to max during MOP tot current content and cleared before the reset to SoO , ever since then i am raiding with cerebral (casually or full time progress depending on the season for my work at the time and after i got an office job then the raiding timings of cerebral isnt working out for me, so i am just a casual there)

Other information

Other Information
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the guilds progress is kind of familiar to the progress curve i am used to having with cerebral but on the plus side its the raid days and timings that is attracting me
1. TBC (Cleared all except for sunwell where we were stuck on twins)
2. WOLK (cleared all except LK 25man hc , 32% best try i think)
3. CAT - i didnt play it
4. MOP (cleared TOT 25 man normal when current content / SoO 25 man hc when current content)
5. WOD (cleared highmaul when current content / raided casually up until HFC and i cleared archimond with cerebral when current progress)
6. Legion was raiding casually due to raiding timings i couldnt make them anymore
7. BFA same as legion
1. Second to none ( kazzak -eu ) my account got hacked i didnt really leave (end of WOLK)

2. perfect cut (kazzak - eu) they didnt want to progress in hc 10 man , they settled for the 10man garrosh kill and that not what i wanted really

3. cerebral (kazzak eu) my current guild and i have been raiding with them since MOP up until mid of WOD where i started raiding with them casually on and off due to the raid timings , thats the reason i am applying to your guild
i just want to clear content just like any other game when you start playing it you want to clear its hard core content and finish it, i dont care about loot and i dont mind the wiping.. i kind of miss progress its been a good year since i progressed with a guild (last was antorus with cerebral )

no i dont know anyone

i think i covered anything , hope to get a reply soon
20. July 2019 20:32
User avatar Windwalker Monk
Thanks for your application - we'll get back to you within 48 hours.
Guild Master
20. July 2019 21:42
User avatar Blood Death Knight
hey, thanks for the application, but your not quite what were looking for.
good luck with your guild search

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