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Killakris's Application Battletag: Not shown for your role. Posted: 20. July 2019 - 14:59

Application has been accepted.

Personal information

Personal Information

Im kristoffer i have a live stream on im a nice and chill person. i have experince in web delvelopment. with my stream i try to encurage more friendly pugs and do quite abit of raids my self without massive Ilvl req and achivment spam... ppl from twitch chat say i have the patitence of a saint

Character information

Character Information

Subtlety, Outlaw
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473 days played time - rogue forever i guess

Other information

Other Information
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i chose you because after talking to your GM and reading throught wowprogress and watching one of ur stream vods. i feel like severance could be a long term home for me :) i like the chill nature of you
my raiding exp goes all the way back to naxx wotlk
i cleared all wrath raids as current and did ulduar hardmodes and half of icc on HC during icc

cata cleared nm tier 11 and had a break for the rest of cata
did some DS nm aswell but nothing much

mist i played PVP for the first part then i went in and got CE in SOO 10man

i continued to get CE in high maul
cleard all but black hand in BRF Mythic
CE in EN
CE in ToV + the chosen
CE in NH
Killed Avatar on Mythic in ToS
Killed Aggramar on Mythic In argus
Killed Mythrax Mythic in Uldir
CE jaina in BoD
I left my past guild due to lack of interest from too many people in raiding and that we werent gonna be able to continue raiding. :/ and i desided to apply to you since u seem like nice chill people and have a nice raiding schedule
i raid to have a good time while aswell trying to achive some of the higher world ranks, if raiding is gonna be filled with drama salt and rage, then im not super interested. also i want to be able to provide good content for my audience on twitch

Nope but was nice talking to Vokar

I have some previous logs:
i never really got to go for some decent logs in bod since our team collapsed right after progress

Logs are fun and all but i would never sacrifice mechanics to pump my dps. my motto have always been do the mechanics first then we can min max dps
20. July 2019 15:03
User avatar Windwalker Monk
Thanks for your application - we'll get back to you within 48 hours.
21. July 2019 16:30
User avatar Windwalker Monk
Application accepted.

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