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Klapproth's Application Battletag: Not shown for your role. Posted: 19. July 2019 - 01:00

Application has been declined.

Personal information

Personal Information

Christopher Klapproth
im a 33 year old guy from Denmark/Germany. I live in Denmark with my GF and our 2 Bunnys (Basse & Nala). Shhe wanted kids, i didnt so we compromised and got 2 rabbits.

Character information

Character Information

Demon Hunter

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Nothing really, working on gearing it but thats hard solo

Other information

Other Information
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i would like a guild thats not super hardcore, where you can still have some fun. i have done some m+ with some members in last season. allways nice and chill ppl.
i have previously raided hardcore dateing back to vanilla. super hardcore in TBC and Wrath. i have raided ass dps/tank/healer so i know everything. really got at adaapting
I dont like to talk bad about ppl, keyword is Dicks!
I like overcomming new challlenges, i wanna be the very best :P


My GF and i ar moveing 24/25 july since we both got new job at the Danish Parliament.
19. July 2019 13:19
User avatar Windwalker Monk
Thanks for your application - we'll get back to you within 48 hours.
20. July 2019 02:03
User avatar Demon Hunter
sweet Looking forward to hearing back from you guys
Guild Master
20. July 2019 21:42
User avatar Blood Death Knight
hey, thanks again for the application, but your not quite what were looking for.
good luck with your guild search

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