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Personal information

Personal Information

Hamad Dashti
Im Hamad From Kuwait - Middle East .
I started gaming since 10 years old, played runescape and was pretty addicted to it, then i switched to Warcraft on my 13th birthday in 2007.
I have other hobbies i like to do like Mixed Martial arts and Cooking + Coffee Brewing. I find peace in gaming since i come from a history of mental ilness gaming has helped me focus and zone into the game and keep me calm. Im a very calm person overall i tend to joke around when screamed at or if i feel frustrated.
Ive been a bit stale lately becuase i was undergoing withdrawl from medication which was pretty hard, and now that i can function properly im looking for a guild and this really appealed to me becuase its 2 days. Im also very happy now and playing WOW feels good to me it reminds me of being 13 again. Im the type of guy that doesnt mind racial jokes towards my ethinticity aslong as its funny.

Character information

Character Information

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Yes i do have 1 other offer from another guild, i priortised this one though becuase of the raiding days , i dont want to go in hard with 3-4 days a week. Would really appreciate a fast reply <3 Other than that i wish you Good Luck and Congratz on Jaina Kill

Other information

Other Information
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Vokar whole talked to me seemed like a nice guy, he sent me the guilds wow progress page, i took a look and i felt good about it and i saw thats its 2 raiding days which encouarged me more that way i know im not getting myself into a Harsh commitment of 3-4 days and 4 hours of raiding which i dont think i can handle atm.
Cutting edge : Imperators Fall
Cutting edge : Helya
Cutting edge : Guldan
mostly i left guilds either becuase they were casual and thought they were hardcore, or i wasnt in condition to show up for raids.
but mostly becuase of diffrent mentalties towards progressing or even finding it hard to bond.
My goal is to progress cutting edge at a steady pace and if i can do that and settle down i can then start farming mounts and tmogs.

no not really

i can do cool shit with my tongue! imagine the possbilities.
15. July 2019 21:56
User avatar Windwalker Monk
Thanks for your application - we'll get back to you within 48 hours.
Guild Master
16. July 2019 10:51
User avatar Blood Death Knight
hey, thanks again for the application, but your not quite what were looking for.
good luck with your guild search
16. July 2019 12:07
User avatar Paladin

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