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Personal information

Personal Information

In real life, I’m 26-yo BI Engineer working a regular 8-16 job, playing WoW during the evenings, in general from WoD, on a different levels and classes. Since BfA I decided to main a healer, as I was maining healers in all other MMOs I’ve been playing in my life.

Character information

Character Information

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Relatively fresh to Holy Paladin. As mentioned in "about yourself" section, I started playing healers since BfA, been raiding as RShaman in previous patches, but decided to switch to Glimmerdin due to more interesting/faster playstyle.

Other information

Other Information

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Got approached by Vokar
My past raid experience is mostly around Heroic. SINS was my first contact with Mythic raiding, so for sure there's a lot that can be improved, but i believe I've got enough of self-motivation and commitment to be able to achieve highest goals.
I'm currently member of "Rivals of the Deserted", which is relatively new guild on Kazzak, but I'm looking for an improvement in terms of general raiding level experience.
In 8.1 I was raiding with SINS-Kazzak where I got to 5/8M and a solid push onto Mecha, after which I got permanently benched and decided to take a short break from WoW.
First of all - for fun and main goal is to have fun in good, chill atmosphere, but in the same time raid on the personal highest possible level, by constantly improving myself.


14. July 2019 21:01
User avatar Mistweaver Monk
Permanently benched? how come?
14. July 2019 22:05
User avatar Windwalker Monk
Thanks for your application - we'll get back to you within 48 hours.

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