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Personal information

Personal Information

hello, i play this game since US beta with a couple of breaks. the last "big one" with after Mistress Sazine inTomb. my guild -genuine- on Blackrock almost disbanded becouse of that "progress" my wife was pregnant at this time so i took a brak from this "i have to raid 10 hours a week" mentality.
Becouse i want to have a 100% attendence or at least very close to it. So i took a break until december 2018 when i started to play my mistweaver monk an played a bit of mythic+ with friends. With season 2 i started on my Druid but my group pretty fast disbanded becouse of what ever so i pugged a bit around. Now my child is "older" i want to start raiding again. I have left my german server and want to look for a new challenge. your raid times seems very fine for me so i thought i will give it a try.

Character information

Character Information

Guardian, Balance

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tomorrow nautical battletraining
3k for exalted on rustbold
5k for exalted on unshackled

Other information

Other Information
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good raidtimes
looking for a restoration druid
genuine - Blackrock
Redhands - Anubarak
Oblivion - Anubarak
genuine - Blackrock wife pregnant
Redhands - Anubarak played 2 expansions with them and didnt liked some changes
Oblivion - Anubarak 3 contents and dont wanted to raid 4x a week anymore

a couple of other smaller guilds
meet new people
cutting edge

nope :x

not really - i have lot of grammatical mistakes in here i guess, but thats part of my new "challenge"
13. July 2019 00:42
User avatar Windwalker Monk
We'll try to have an answer for you within the next 48 hours.
14. July 2019 22:05
User avatar Windwalker Monk
I'm afraid we've decided on a decline at this time.
Best of luck finding a guild.

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