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Personal information

Personal Information

Yo, 21 year old swede wokring in retail that plays alot of WoW that wants go get back into raiding!

Character information

Character Information

Arcane, Fire
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Logs are old since I have been taking a break from WoW in BFA, explanation in past raiding exp.
Other than that I've was hovering around top~5 mages on the server in legion on wlogs, and best worldrank I've gotten was with lagom at a top 199.

Other information

Other Information

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I'm excited as anyone for the new patch/raid and missing raiding in general. Found your guild on Wowprog and saw you were looking for rdps so figured I'd give it a shot since I'm not looking for anything too hardore but still a guild that takes raiding seriously and wants to progress.
Been raiding since late WoD in HFC with a guild built with friends. Started raiding more serious in Legion when i joined the swedish guild Lagom. a top ~200 guild on kazzak that I stayed with the entirety of Legion and a bit into BFA. Now in BFA I took a break after we downed Mythrax on mythic because I basically didn't like the design of the game and it felt unrewarding. Mage was a worse version of the Legion one, raiding in particular had been draged down in the dirt, forced personal loot, no tiersets and the azerite system. Just didn't appeal to me at the time.
Tried to get back after BFD dropped but guild disbanded mid tier and I tried to get into another guild named Vibe that was a 2 day raiding guild. That was a short stay since I got to raid 2 times with them and then they disbanded aswell. Kinda just said fuck it and waited for next tier instead. Now I'm hoping and trying my best to get back and get to raid again!
Lagom and Vibe, both disbanded :(
Well I raid because I like it :)
The feeling of progression in the game aswell as always trying to do my best, im a tryhard at heart so logs as always been a motivation for me to get as good as I can be. While not being a logwhore ;)

Not that I know of, no

Think that sums it up, if there's any questions I'd be happy to answer them and my discord is eksL#7844.
Guild Master
25. June 2019 17:18
User avatar Blood Death Knight
Hey thanks for the application, we'll get back to you within 48 hours.
27. June 2019 17:50
User avatar Windwalker Monk
Daburà has added you on bnet for a chat.

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