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Skadooshbag's Application Battletag: Not shown for your role. Posted: 24. June 2019 - 20:43

Application has been declined.

Personal information

Personal Information

Brian Dunne
I am 32 years old and work 9-5 monday to friday. I am from Ireland and have raid leaded for a number of years so have absolutely no issue with being vocal on discord

Character information

Character Information

Defias Brotherhood
Windwalker, Mistweaver
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I rerolled to Brewmaster at the start of this expansion and took up tanking again at the start of this expansion as the guild I was looking to join required one. Prior to this I had mained a melee dps and am very comfortable in that role also if a certain fight requires it.

Other information

Other Information
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I only like to raid a limited amount of days and prefer not to play at the weekend if possible, though this changes when a new patch comes out i kinda lose a few weekends to it. This is one of the only 2 day guilds that also only raids during the week.
The below are all while the tier was still current.
Ulduar 25 man cleared all hardmodes apart from 0 lights
ICC Heroic - Cleared 10
Sinestra Heroic 10 - Cleared
Ragnaros Heroic 10 - Cleared
Madness of Deathwing Heroic 10 - Cleared
Garrosh Heroic 10 - Cleared
Garrosh Mythic - Cleared
Blackhand Mythic - Cleared
Archimonde Mythic - Cleared
Xavius Mythic - Cleared
Helya Mythic - Cleared
Guldan Mythic - Cleared
Kil Jaeden Mythic - Cleared
Argus Mythic - Cleared
Gh'uun Mythic - Cleared
Jaina Mythic - Cleared
Restless Cabal Mythic - Cleared

Violent Circus - Guild advised that the officers were quitting. I asked could i take leadership to continue the raiding team and was advised they would rather the guild name stops where it is.
Muju - Similar situation, however was about 9 people quitting all at once that caused the guild to disband.
I raid for the enjoyment. I have no interest in loot apart from the fact that it helps progress on bosses. I feel that the mechanics and the teamwork are the most fun part about this game and its the reason I have stayed playing the game as a whole.

Brand new guild for me so know nobody unfortunately.

I look forward to hearing from you and if you choose not to go with me I wish you all the best of luck in your future endevours.
Guild Master
24. June 2019 22:12
User avatar Blood Death Knight
Hey thanks for the application, we should have an answer within 48 hours.

Do you actively play any other tanks ? if so can you link names / servers below.
24. June 2019 22:17
User avatar Brewmaster Monk
I am currently gearing up a protection warrior at the moment as I was hoping to reroll in Rise of Azhara. however this is only a recent work in progress so it is not quiet ready for raiding yet in my opinion
Guild Master
25. June 2019 16:29
User avatar Blood Death Knight
hey, thanks for the application, but your not quite what were looking for.
good luck with your guild search
25. June 2019 17:48
User avatar Brewmaster Monk
No problem at all and thanks for the quick feedback. Mind if I ask what it was that I was missing?
25. June 2019 22:05
User avatar Windwalker Monk
For the record, Daburà spoke with him on bnet after this :).

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