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Personal information

Personal Information

I am a Computer Science student and play volleyball on a regular basis. I am always looking for a challenge and try to improve myself in every way possible. I treat WoW like I treat my sport that means 100% focus during trainings/gamedays/raids and complete determination to do the best I can do for the team. Putting my sport aside I am a pretty normal guy. Like I stated earlier I am 22 years old living in Germany. I am not too much in to partying so you will see me choose raiding over a night out partying. On the other hand I am a pretty familybound person so there can be some family activities that I will need to attend to. If you asked me to descirbe myself with adjectives I would say I am open-minded, friendly, always down for a good discussion, open to criticism, goal focused and always trying to be a better version of myself. I even have a german phrase that I live by that is something like this: I know that it doesn't have to get better if there is change but what I also know is I need to change things if I want it to get better. Something like this.

Character information

Character Information

Restoration, Feral
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I have played this character for most of Legion starting mid Nighthold and came back to it after my adventure on Warlock in Uldir didn't work out the way I wanted it to. So for myself I can say I know the class and always try to be better on what I am doing with the class.

Other information

Other Information
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I am searching for a stable and social guild. So a guild where people like to sit in Discord/TeamSpeak in the evenings talk about anything in the world and do Mythic Plus on a decent lvl besides that. I am searching for a guild where people help each other when needed and work together as a group. From what I have read on your WoWProgress this is what your guild provides.
I started Mythic raiding during mid Nighthold and got to 8/10 with from Beyond. In ToS I got to 7/9 with my guild. Then in Argus I had my first Cutting Edge experience which from there on I wanted to maintain but I the guild I wanted to achiev it with got in to trouble with new members and leaving members so we only got to 7/8 in Uldir but now I am back on Cutting Edge level with Sanctified.
I have been part of:
From Beyond (EU-Thrall), which I left because of colliding training times from my sport
Blutpakt (EU-Thrall), which I left because of environmental problems
pathetic (EU-Thrall), which I left again because of collisions in them raiding complete weekend and me having gamedays on saturdays
Wings of Ysondre (EU-Blackmoore), which has disbanded during BFD because of more members leaving then we were getting to come to us (I was raidlead and recruitment officer here so did not plan on leaving)
Sanctified (EU-Ragnaros), which I joined during their Stormwall/Jaina Progress and had a 6 Week Pause because not beeing considered for progress for my lack of gear which was caused by the unstable raiding of my previous guild. Now I need to leave this guild cause I don't get a team spot in their Raidteam.
I raid because I like to challenge myself to get better at the game and raiding is at the time the best way to test out the limits of yourself and the class you are playing. At least in my opinion.
My goals in WoW are as I stated in the About yourself section to always improve myself to at the end be the best version of myself I can be. So the focus for me is on improvement and to say the obvious aswell getting Cutting Edge.

As of right now I'd say no

There is something to add. I have spoken to Vokar before applying here because I know my current logs are not to the standard you might expect from a raider applying here. As stated in the past guild Section I left Wings of Ysondre during BFD. At the time other guilds reached Jaina and extended from there on and so did Sanctified. That ment I didn't get a spot on the Boss and had a down tiem of 8 weeks not raiding. After that time I nowgot back into the raid and had no gear and little practice because pugging in BFD is pain. So my logs now look like they do and I am not satisfied with them. I would appreciate if you would consider giving me the chance to prove myself to be a good addition to the raidteam. Other then that a special thanks to Vokar taking the time to look through my logs and give me a heads up.
Guild Master
23. June 2019 20:11
User avatar Blood Death Knight
Hey thanks for the application, we'll get back to you within 48 hours.
Guild Master
25. June 2019 17:19
User avatar Blood Death Knight
spoken with on bnet. leaving open for now.

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