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Personal information

Personal Information

Hi, my name's Chris. To give you a bit of background on my raiding background this tier:

During my time with Fudged, I raid led to 6/9M. As we only raided for 2 days/week, 6 hours/week, the pre-raid preparation had to be on point. I designed the following spreadsheet to ensure that all of our raiders knew exactly what was expected, when to use CD's and so on. The reason I feel this supports my application is because it paints a clear picture I feel that I know exactly how a fight will work before I even walk in to pull it for the first time. This is especially good for a tank as it allows me to concentrate on how DPS are positioned, and how I can then readjust the boss (if required) to ensure uptime is best for them. (Not so relevant I guess the last 2 tiers because rip melee, but the thought is there lol!)

We also struggled quite a bit on Opulence M. To combat this, I reviewed everyone's logs for mechanical issues and produced the following spreadsheet. This resulted in a kill coming the following raid, as this was posted publically and people did not want to be called out again. I feel this supports my application as it is further evidence that I know how to review logs, and am also active in doing so.

What I hope has come through on this application is my desire to get back into serious end game raiding, all be it on a more casual basis than "back in the day." I only play WoW to raid, and this has always been the case. I am aware that currently I am only 8/9M, which is a little behind you guys, but I hope you can see from my application that I am more than capable of playing at a much higher level.

I also actively keep a DK geared as an alt (because typically, every tier requires a DK tank for at least 1 fight). I am equally capable of playing this char. His logs + armoury are here:


Character information

Character Information

Holy, Retribution
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Other information

Other Information
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I am looking for a well run, 2 day raid guild that are well established. You guys seem to be that.
Previous experience in the top 100 from early TBC - end of Cata (culminating in a world 27 Mu'ru kill.
Quit until BFA:
Uldir 6/8M (Ghuun on 7%)
BOD 8/9M (tanked both Mekka/Blockade on Dk)
Disney and Dots - Disbanded.
Antisocial Elitists - Disbanded.
Fudged - Was GM here. My job changed however and I was unable to raid 2 days a week so I handed the leadership over to my officer team and stepped down.
Konfluens - Was 3rd tank here, only on standby when required due to how my personal circumstances where. They then changed (again) and I am now actively looking.
Semi Serious - Trialed here but the atmosphere in raid did not suit and I left after 2-3 raids.
Previous to this expansion, I have always raided in the top 100 scene, which involved rushing through content for high world rankings. While I do not have the time any longer to commit to this, I still want to kill the hardest difficulties as quickly as possible.


Guild Master
20. June 2019 23:12
User avatar Blood Death Knight
Hey thanks for the application, we will get back to you within 48hours.
21. June 2019 19:22
User avatar Protection Paladin
Hey, sorry, just reading over this and realised I made a mistake in the "About You" part - specifically here:

"I am aware that currently I am only 6/9M, which is a little behind you guys, but I hope you can see from my application that I am more than capable of playing at a much higher level."

This should read 8/9M.


Last edit: 21. June 2019 19:22
21. June 2019 22:46
User avatar Windwalker Monk
This should read 8/9M.Apologies,Chris

You can edit your application at the top of this page
Guild Master
22. June 2019 13:26
User avatar Blood Death Knight
Hey thanks again for the application, after reviewing it your performance seems fine however your changing real life situations concern me a lot and i'm looking for some one who will stay here and tank for the long term.

So we will decline your application and wish you the best of luck finding something suitable for 8.2 onward.
23. June 2019 18:39
User avatar Protection Paladin
Hey, thanks for taking the time to consider. While I can appreciate you have already made a decision on this, I feel it can do no harm to explain exactly what personal situations changed to perhaps try and alleviate your concerns.

Basically, the job which I was doing while GM at Fudged allowed me a certain aspect of flexibility to do GM/Raid Leader type things, IE the spreadsheets, log analysis you see above. This then changed however and I did not feel it was fair to hold back the guild when I changed jobs. This job was temporary and so I was always liable to be moved to a different department/let go etc. This is unfortunately what happened. Following this I took a job working 9 - 5.30pm with no external access to tactics/logs etc so could not continue with the above. I however wanted to keep raiding where I could and Konfluens offered me this opportunity. Around a month or so ago, I got a phone call offering me the first job back on a permanent basis, which means once again I have much more flexibility around when I can play, logs analysis and so on. This meant my search for a guild resumed, as I was no longer content to sit on the bench and not play.

I know it may be too late to explain all of this, however it does no harm in trying. If not, thank you for taking the time to read and all the best in Palace.


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