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Memebeam's Application Battletag: Not shown for your role. Posted: 19. June 2019 - 13:43

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Personal information

Personal Information

Im a carpenter my hobbies are golf, drinking and world of warcraft.
i also would like to have a dog but im allergic :(

i would also like to add that the dps meter in the middle of my screen is a joke :)

Character information

Character Information

Demon Hunter
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currenly blasting ap so ill be 50 before the next patch. I also dont have that much experience playing Demon Hunter in raids but i have done alot of mythic + with it.

Other information

Other Information
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Just got out of my old guild and i have alot of friends here
Uldir - Cutting edge
Battle for Dazar'Alor - have done 7 bosses and missed one day on blockade and my guild got the kill, have done some light progress on jaina (under 40 pulls)
Adverse - guild disband
YouKnowWhatTheySay - guild disband
Drunken Brawl - kicked because of creative differences :)
Its my hobbie and i enjoy raiding alot. My goal for raiding is getting Cutting Edge and getting good :)

Toby, Rugsul, Sylla

Guild Master
19. June 2019 13:56
User avatar Blood Death Knight
Spoken with on discord ^

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