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Personal information

Personal Information

Espen Nordli
Currently a student at the University of Oslo in the last year of the masters programme for programming and system architecture. Other than that I work part time as a developer, and spend the rest of my free time gaming or running.

Character information

Character Information

Death Knight
Blood, Frost
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Has been my main since MoP, and I've played all the different specs. While I've almost always joined guilds as a DPS, I've usually ended up tanking quite a bit as well if one of the tanks quits or is away for some time.

Other information

Other Information

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Mostly because I know Toby and Rugsul, and a couple of the other people that are joining. In addition I'd like to raid in a guil that aims to kill mythic while it is current(cutting edge).
Raided since TBC, but with a few breaks along the way.
I've been raiding mythic for the most part since WoD, with the exception of when the guild I've been in has taken breaks

Played in The Royal Jesters(on Dragonmaw/Ravencrest) from late MoP to early Legion, before it fell apart during Tomb of Sargeras. The guild was then remade during Antorus as Eclipsed on Dragonmaw, but it fell apart again fairly soon. In BfA I played in Adverse during Uldir before it stopped raiding in november 2018.
Progression and achieving cutting edge. Other than that pushing m+ score fairly casually.

Toby and the other people from Adverse

I also have all other classes except druid at max level, although they are all alliance except for a shaman and monk.
22. June 2019 20:07
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