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Application has been accepted.

Personal information

Personal Information

28 year old fellow from Germany, had a very frustrating bfa-experience so far as 3 of the 4 raiding guild I have been with in this addon all disbanded. Playing pretty much all healing speccs since Wotlk (and generally playing since classic) I have experience with quite a few range dps, too : boomi, mage, wl, ele, sp. I'm generally open towards rerolling (in certain margins ofc :D) I am said to be a pretty relaxed and self-aware person and Ostrive to achieve the best I can without forgetting my team and I absolutely despise toxic behaviour. I spend quite a few time researching and looking to optimizing my gameplay.

Character information

Character Information

Holy, Shadow
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I started playing this char relatively late during progression so I have fairly few kills and the logs for the last 3 bosses are firstkills so u might take them with a grain of salt (or not^^) At Jaina for example I had to suicide with siegebreaker in p3. At mekka I f*** up a macro during progression (other sub 5% attempts were probably 85%+ logs) and guess which try was the killtry then.... Also my loot rng wasn't the best in BoD so my ilvl was fairly low (peak 413) most of the time. But enough with the excuses ^^

Other information

Other Information
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I chose your guild as it not only fits my general criteria regarding your raiding days/time and recruitment status, but also because I'm looking for a community rather than just some raid. And it seems the social aspect is quite important for your guild and that's certainly what Iam looking for. Additionally I'm confident to be a good addition to your raiding team.
T19 CE as rdruid
19,5 CE as rdruid
T20 8/9 @ worldrank 450 as boomie (8h/w guild)
T21 taking a break to finish my Bachelor
T22 as holy/disc 7/8m+2% G'huun
T23 CE as disc (6h/w guild).
Illumina - Thrall (DE, disbanded in antorus after almost 2 years of me playing there),Red Ribbon Armee Blackhand (DE, left due to toxic atmosphere in the raid), Primal (Kazzak, disbanded prior to BoD when I had passed the trialperiod), Plague (Blackhand (DE), disbanded @5/9 in BoD), Sin (Eredar (DE), disbanded @9/9m BoD).
Raiding has over time become the most enjoyable part of the game for me as it brings a great challenge in regards of my personal gameplay, but also an awesome experience as a community progressing through a tier. My wow goal is to push my spec(s) as far as possible and to play in a guild which is of roughly equal ambition when it comes to progress, but which is also a community to find people with to play/chat/whatever when there's no raid.

Not yet ;)

Well, obviously I hope to hear from you soon, but if not, I wish you good luck in EP and beyond!
Guild Master
11. June 2019 10:17
User avatar Blood Death Knight
Hey thanks for the application, we'll get back to you within 48 hours.

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