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Ogi's Application Battletag: Not shown for your role. Posted: 08. June 2019 - 13:53

Application has been accepted.

Personal information

Personal Information

Just a simple guy playing a game he enjoys and meeting new people along the way. I am very loyal and if i join a guild i'm there to stay.

Character information

Character Information

Enhancement, Elemental
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Other information

Other Information
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I am looking for a new home and i think Severance could be that home.
WOTLK & Cata were casual days i did bosses with friends
MoP took a break.
WoD only HFC heroic
Came back to Legion at the end of ToS cleared it heroic and started mythic
Have CE: Argus,Ghuun,Jaina.
1st mythic guild i joined was almost casual on EU-Ravencrest after few months the level of toxicity became to high and i noticed i was not having fun so i looked for a new guild on the same server named Yakuza we killed argus and at the start of BFA we came to EU kazzak, after Uldir our GM and RL decided to take a break and we had a choice to disband or rebuild we made a new guild with the same people and pushed and see how far we could go. and now people got tired of playing the game and we decided to stop.
I love raiding and it's the best part of this game, where you and your team work together to kill bosses and have fun along the way. My goals are to always improve as a player as much as possible, so that i can bring something to the team.

No, but i hope i get the chance to.

Guild Master
08. June 2019 18:33
User avatar Blood Death Knight
Hey thanks for the application. i have added you on bnet to arrange a quick chat :)
08. June 2019 18:36
User avatar Restoration Shaman
Yeah just saw it accepted your friend request :)

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