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Personal information

Personal Information

I am a 20 year old student currently living in Amsterdam. I enjoy doing sports and gaming in my free time. I consider myself a competitive person.

Character information

Character Information

Death Knight
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Regrading the neck level, i can farm to 50 in little time since the req per level went down drastically. And i have little to none 8.1.5 logs since i stopped playing in February so all my relevant logs are from 8.1.

Other information

Other Information
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Considering that dk is not in a very good spot at the moment i looked at all the guilds on Kazzak that were looking for one and you seemed like the best fit. The raid environment you describe in the wow progress profile looks like a good fit for me.
I have started playing in BFA and decided mid uldir i wanted to raid mythic. I got edge in that tier and then moved to BoD where me and my previous guild got aotc first week and started pushing mythic at a good pace for the first month. Unfortunately i left the guild when we were progressing mechatorque on mythic because of the toxicity
of the raid leader. After that the guild disbanded quickly.
Imagine burgerflipprs was the first good guild i was in and i left because the lead was benching me without good reasons for weeks on end. My last guild was Solacium and i left because of the toxic raid environment.
I raid because i like the competitive aspects of it. I love doing the hardest content the game provides and the feeling of getting a boss kill after many tries. I like being part of a 20 people team that has a common goal, to kill the boss.

I do not

Thank you for your consideration and time, have a nice day!
Guild Master
03. June 2019 20:31
User avatar Blood Death Knight
Hey thanks for the application, we'll get back to you within 48 hours.
05. June 2019 20:56
User avatar Windwalker Monk
I believe Vokar is in contact with you, so leaving this open for now

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