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Bob's Application Battletag: Not shown for your role. Posted: 06. May 2019 - 18:19

Application has been accepted.

Personal information

Personal Information

Self motivated team player with excellent communication skills, with more than 12 years of playing in competitive guilds with several realm firsts and other high end achievs.
You can count on me to be there when you need me with my game face on and best performance i can bring.
I am fast learning and easy to adapt to any environment.

Character information

Character Information

Beast Mastery
Survival, Marksmanship
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Been playing hunter as my main for a long time.
I know everything there is about and i can confidently play any spec in any situation.

Other information

Other Information
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Looking for a nice friendly guild with equal value on social aspect and raiding.
Behind the screen we are all humans and we should respect eachother nonetheless.
Grand Crusader
Celestial Defender
Conqueror of Naxxramas
Death's Demise
Magic Seeker
Obsidian Slayer
All raiding content Cutting Edge among top10 guilds on the realm i played.
Guild history :
Tarren Mill - Prime T18 rank 247world (disband)
Tarren Mill - Prime T19 rank 59world (disband)
Tarren Mill - Aluren T20 rank 241world (changed to Kazzak)
Kazzak - Xeon T21 rank 220world (disband)
I play the hardest content for the pleasure, challenge and accomplishment of overcoming it.
To some degree it matter the rank aswell but the journey is more important than the destination.
I will continue to do so for the future aswell.


Other notable achievs besides PVE :
Merciless gladiator
Deadly Gladiator
Guild Master
06. May 2019 19:09
User avatar Blood Death Knight
Hey thanks for the application, we should have an answer for you within 48 hours.

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