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Personal information

Personal Information

My name is Ivan (not a Russian!, I'm from Bulgaria :D) and I am 23 years old. Most of my friends call me Eino tho.

I am working in the IT department and I am also a rock&metal music journalist (part of Bulgaria's biggest independent webzine for heavy music called

Whenever I am not at work, I am mostly chilling at home, writing for the magazine, playing WoW, listening to music or attending a live gig or being somewhere outside with friends. Basically what every normal person does. :)

Character information

Character Information

Frost, Arcane
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She's been living in Suramar for the past 10,000 years and since its reveal to Azeroth she decided to leave the city and help the world against our deadliest foes. :)

My main spec is Fire and I am familiar with Frost as well. I don't play Arcane tho... I find it boring. Also, the upcoming Queen Azshara encounter will make it even less possible for me to play Arcane because of the Repeat Performance ability.

Other information

Other Information
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I have always wanted to be part of a guild where people want to get to know each other, or to put it in other words - friendly and mature people who become friends while getting better and better at something everyone enjoys and from what I read about your guild at wowprogress, Severance is exactly what I am looking for.

From what I see you value environment and community as much as progress, which is a must for me when it comes down to playing with other people.
Previously I have played WoW up until Cataclysm and after that I stopped playing for several years. Even though I stopped playing, I continued following the game thru the Internet and kept myself up-to-date with what was happening.

I came back to playing WoW during the pre-BfA content and since then my raiding experience includes:

Uldir - AotC (5th week) and 5/8 M
BoD - AotC (1st week) and 3/9 M [Champion, Jadefire and Opulence]
CoS - AotC (2nd week)
Battle for Azeroth - A social guild I was in while leveling and gearing at the beginning. Since they were only social, I left them because I wanted to do much more in the game.

Reflection - I was part of their roster for less than a week and left them because they weren't doing anything meaningful.

Horn Of Gondor - I was part of their roster for less than a month. Did some Uldir HC runs with them but left because the favoritism in their team was, like, over 9000. :D

TaHrPa - Although they are from my country, are experienced players and I raided with them for the past 5 months or so, I decided to leave them due to the fact that sometimes I found the raiding atmosphere to be somewhat toxic because some of the players didn't communicate at all and some of the others resorted to yelling when they got angry.

I have few other reasons, but they are not as important.
I have always liked PvE more than PvP due to the fantasy element and the way the lore is implemented in this part of the game.

One of the things I like the most about (guild) raiding is the moment of grouping with 20 more players in order to learn an encounter and help each other with beating it and gearing ourselves. It really helps people to socialize with each other.

Of course, I want to improve myself up to a level where Cutting Edge achievement are finally obtainable for me. The best scenario in which I see myself improving that much is finding people with the same desire to beat the game at that level while remaining a laid back team and making the experience enjoyable.

Nope. I don't know anyone from the guild.

I have M+ experience as well. You can check it here - One of my favourite M+ highlights is the AD 10 I did with Sco (him playing with his DK) from Method. :D

I have given my best in my effort to make my application as presentable as my desire to join the guild is and I do hope you will find it good enough to accept me in your guild and I am looking forward to hearing from you. :)

P.S. If you have any other questions regarding my application or some in-game stuff, I am up for discussing whatever you want to ask me.

P.S2. That Severance mascot in the down-right corner is cute. <3
05. May 2019 04:32
User avatar Windwalker Monk
Hey thanks for the application, we should have an answer for you within 48 hours.
Guild Master
05. May 2019 14:49
User avatar Blood Death Knight
Hey thanks again for the application, it was received very well and you seem like a nice guy. however we need people who can show a bit higher performance than what your currently showing.if you would like some advice for the future try getting your heroic logs up to at least 85%+ and more mythic logs will help you a lot if your pugging maybe look into uploading them your self. and although DPS is not everything. no one wants players who get a 99% log on the kill but cause 50 extra wipes because of there mistakes. Also trying to do some higher M+ will help you also try aiming for 15s each week and on the better weeks dont be afraid to try go higher :)

Anyways Sadly will need to decline your application and wish you good luck in the future. (dont be afraid to reapply in the future if your logs/experience improve)

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