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Personal information

Personal Information

John Tsidilas
My name is John , I am 33 and live in Ioannina ,Greece . I am self employed and currently trying to expand my work . The time I do not spend on my pc ( which is not a lot ~_~ ) I either play basketball or with friends eating .

Character information

Character Information

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Was holy/disc for all of WoD and Legion and uldir . Was asked to respecc to shadow for Battle and was called to heal some of the 5man healing bosses when there was an absence . I play both holy and shadow for m+ , but mostly shadow .

Other information

Other Information
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Currently I am trying to find a guild that suits my timeframe . And truth be told there are not a lot of guilds in Kazzak raiding till 2300 .
I have been playing wow since the only raid was UBRS . Have been an off and on raider , as much as university allowed it . Stopped during MoP and came back for WoD . After a rocky highmaul with a newly formed guild we cleared the rest up to Nighthold when the guild fell apart . Took a bit more casual path for a few months due to irl reasons and came back for Antorus which I cleared with Envy . Have cleared both uldir and Battle during my stay in Envy .
I had been in Envy for around a year . Transfered to Kazzak from Stormscale due to the guilds I was in got torn apart from the inside . The reason I am a social in Envy since last week , is due to the fact that they are changing their raiding schedule from 23:30 to 24:00 . Which I cannot follow due to real life and job .
I like to be able to clear the bosses while they are relevant . I like to try and push myself and check the limits of what I can do with my class . All of these while having fun and enjoying the occasional joke .


My priority is the guild and the kill . I will do what is asked of me even if that has a bad impact on my performance . I have confidence both in my damage and healing speccs , tho disc is a bit rusty I must say .
02. May 2019 02:07
User avatar Windwalker Monk
Hey thanks for the application, we should have an answer for you within 48 hours.
Guild Master
03. May 2019 14:42
User avatar Blood Death Knight
hey, thanks again for the application, but your not quite what were looking for.
good luck with your guild search

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