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Personal information

Personal Information

I'm a 32 year old gaming veteran from Sweden. Been playing PC games and consoles since very early age. I try to maintain myself so I go to gym 2-3 times a week. Hang with friends & family. I love travel, exploring, hiking and nature itself. I ride snowboard at winter and longboard at summer. Other than that, I'm a very straight and down to earth kinda dude. Happy, humble, layed back and very social.

Character information

Character Information

Tarren Mill
Demon Hunter
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I've played DPS Warrior for 13 years, re-rolled DH in BoD and never looking back. Therefor my DPS will evovle into better stages but also been a bit unlucky with guilds on my DH leaving me on extended progress and not having any re-clears for over 6 weeks. I know by heart I can do better on many bosses but I am very mechanically oriented. I'm very passionated about my DH and eager to become much better. Also getting a new PC for June which will improve my gameplay A LOT!

Other information

Other Information

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Seem like the perfect fit. More friendly, mature and community based rather then stiff and world rank oriented with raid-loggers. I value this over anything as I'm a very social and active person myself.
Raided since Vanilla with breaks been in world 50-500 guilds depending on my real life situation. More casual now compared to before but still semi-hardcore.

Since Legion I've taken all Cutting Edge achievements with a world rank of 200-400.

Current exp 8/9 M BoD and 2/2 HC CoS.
After 8/8 Mythic Uldir with G'huun world 504 with Neigjengen on my War I left them. They kinda pulled a switch on me even tho I was a core raider on my War. So as I re-rolled DH they put me as stand-by trial after an Officer re-rolled the same day Mythic was released. I did not like this at all and felt betrayed so I left. Did 6/9 with Laid Back but it as to stiff environment for me with raid-loggers that did nothing outside of the 2 raiding days and an emotionless leader. I felt like I did not belong so I left. Played with Wipe Intended until they disbanded and became Rhetoric. Missed mecha kill night as I was at the hospital with my father (all good now). After 105 wipes into Blockade the RL snapped and became MEGA toxic calling people racist slurs, names and being really really toxic. That made 8 poeple leave the same night and the guild disbanded. I then joined an Foundation an alliance guild, got Mecha and Blockade down but intantly regret my decision going Alliance. Now reside in Martyrdom on Horde but this place is just like Laid Back but even worse because of roster problems we have not raided for 1½ week... Therefor I'm now searching for a more stable home to settle down in.
Played MMO's since release of Dark Age of Camelot 2001. I was NR1 Berserker world wide along with my guild that was #1 PVP guild in the world called Nolby Pride. I've always been into RP and I love medieval times. WoW was more or less my wet dream and when it came out I was completely hooked.

Raiding is set in stone for me as long as the passion is there. My goal is to always get Cutting Edge in every tier and have a damn good time doing so.

Not that I know of.

Just hope you give me a shot to prove my worth.
Guild Master
01. May 2019 00:38
User avatar Blood Death Knight
Hey thanks for the application, sorry for slow reply we should have an answer for you within 24 hours.
02. May 2019 10:09
User avatar Havoc Demon Hunter
Appreaciate the fast answer :)
02. May 2019 21:43
User avatar Windwalker Monk
Sorry for the delay, we'll get back to you some time tomorrow.
Guild Master
03. May 2019 14:42
User avatar Blood Death Knight
hey, thanks again for the application, but your not quite what were looking for.
good luck with your guild search

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