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Personal information

Personal Information

Hey I'm Basti and I'm a uni student from germany playing WoW during my free time. Whenever I'm not playing wow im usually goin to the gym or spend time with my friends.

Character information

Character Information

Death Knight
Blood, Frost
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I've tried my hardest getting my character back on a somewhat mythic raid lvl state after i came back to the game from a 3 months break just 3 weeks ago. So neck lvl was the highest priority for me since i knew that that's propably one of the most important things for mythic guilds mid-progress.

Other information

Other Information
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I found your guild for the first time while doin M+ and I invited what i think was a rogue, since he played well i looked at his wowprogress site and saw he was in your guild, which i then got rly interested in, since i was looking for a guild at that moment. And after few days of considering it even tho my spec and class isnt listed i thought i should give it a shot.
CE - Emerald Nightmare
CE - ToV
9/10(M) - Nighthold
7/9(M) - ToS ( guild struggled with people leaving right after killing Harijatan
CE - Antorus
CE - Uldir
Eviternity > I wanted to start raiding more serious - getting CE with a decent world ranking

Vanity - guild disbanded after G'huun progress
I mainly raid to get better at different aspects of the game. Simple example being playing fights near perfectly (dps wise) while also playing every single mechanic correctly and not taking unnescessary damage. And my overall WoW goals are getting the best possible experience out of every single aspect of the raid, may that be doin M+ with people i like or raiding with people that got the same mindset than me.

I have had some of your guildmembers with me in M+ but don't know anyone closely.

Guild Master
23. April 2019 16:14
User avatar Blood Death Knight
Hey there and thanks for your application, we'll get back to you within 48 hours.
Guild Master
24. April 2019 22:54
User avatar Blood Death Knight
App withdrawn.

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