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Petak's Application Battletag: Not shown for your role. Posted: 07. April 2019 - 16:34

Application has been declined.

Personal information

Personal Information

I like memes and music!

Character information

Character Information

Subtlety, Assassinationèták
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This has been my main since BoDA released, before then i mained Windwalker monk for 6 years.

Other information

Other Information
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You look good ;*
EN: 7/7M
ToV: 3/3M
NH: 9/10M
ToS: 7/9M
AtBT: 11/11M
Uldir: 4/8M (Guild disband)
BoDA: 3/9M (didnt find a new guild that fits me yet)
Semper Idem - Outland (Disbanded)
Reaction - Ravencrest
Infinitum - Kazzak (Disbanded)
Drunken Brawl - Kazzak
I raid for progress, accomplishment, friendships and pure fun.

I do not believe so, but i might do?

As i've played windwalker for 6 years, you might want to take a look at my logs on monk and see if you'd rather have me gear up my monk again. (BfA Monk) (Legion Monk)
07. April 2019 16:39
User avatar Rogue
Forgot reasons for leaving guilds:
Reaction: Burnt out, gf wanting to spend more time together and promised i'd quit after cutting edge. (im single now haha)
Drunken Brawl: Just not the right skill-level for me, plus clashing personalities and bad vibes.
07. April 2019 19:42
User avatar Protection Paladin
Hey thanks for the application, we should have an answer for you within 48 hours.

- You can edit your application at the top of this page :).
08. April 2019 06:57
User avatar Assassination Rogue
Hi Petak,

Thanks again for the app.
Unfortunately, it is not quite what we are looking for. So we have decided to decline.

Best of luck with your guild search.


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