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Skylli's Application Battletag: Not shown for your role. Posted: 28. March 2019 - 21:40

Application has been declined.

Personal information

Personal Information

Hello everyone !

I'm a computer science student.
Of course a video game addict :P

I'm also in some other hobby like motorbike, I also like to dev some litte stuff. I've make a drone last year as end year school project.

A nerd in some ? :P

Character information

Character Information

Survival, Beast Mastery
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Yes !

Maybe about my logs. They ain't well looking at the moment as they have been done with terrible gear or not really good condition.
But I'm also re-learning the spec after and I'm improving each time.

I'm always looking to improve and I'm empowered when I'm motivated by being in a group I do love :D

I'm also those type of player who are really careful on mecanic.
Also, if you request I can link logs from my Legion character.
I would be please to do, I just don't want to flood as I'm alreadya chatterbox :D

Other information

Other Information

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It will be quick. But not empty of heavy word.

I'm a guy who's looking for raid. But also a home, a familly if I can say that. I'm a raider who's also social. I do like to enjoy time, even outside of the raid, with my mate. If there is ppl on discord, I'll join them.

And when I readed up your guild description that I'll quote here :
" The guilds main aim is to have an enjoyable raid experience and to achieve cutting edge achievements in each raid tier."

the part : an enjoyable raid experience make a lot of echo in my mind. And I think, even if my logs ain't that well looking I'll try my chance as I've a serious raiding background.
I'll be quick in this description as I think too much word isn't necessary.

Mythic Raiding History :
13/13 HFC (Hunter)
7/7 EN World Rank : 254 (Mookin)
3/3 TOV World Rank : 213 (Mookin)
10/10 NH World Rank : 76 (Mookin)
9/9 TOS - World Rank : 420 (DH)
9/11 Antorus - Rank 377 at the date of the disband. Quite the game after guild disband (DH)
5/8 : Uldir (hunter) - Leave the game after guild disband again... :'(
As you can see, my two previous guild disbanded which answer the why you left. And as I'm a player who's always implicated into guild. It's a little bit too heartbreaking and I feel empty on the game with no motivation so I quited, twice.

My current one is Weekends Warrior. A cusual Mythic raiding guild.
A bit too casual for me. I owe them the fact that almost only them accepted me when I came back 3 weeks ago. But I can't fit myself in their group. I'm still a trial member.
I like raiding because of the teamwork required. The social interaction also. It's a lot of fun. A lot of self requirement. And for fuck sake, the last boss that took you 2, 3 or 4 week to kill what a undescriptable emotion when you, WE, finally got him !

I miss that. Kil'Jeaden was a long time ago for me.

I don't think so but you never knows world is small !

I guess I could say some very basic stuff like I do research on the boss before the raid. I do come with what I need to raid. I'm log and ready before the start of the raid. I'm on clock. I've been an officer - I do know what It take & require and try to be as helpful as I can (don't make them run nor repeat).

In raid I do mistake only once. Even when I can say some stuff like : You kill me fucking terrorist with your Bomb/Fire/whatever. But I do not, I always think what I could have done. I never say healer ur shit if I haven't all my CD's in CD (Turtle, exhili, pet spell, HS, healing pot) etc...

I think I could wrote those stuff for an hour or so. But all those things are included as this is basics and you saw that I've a PvE background that isn't udge but not really nothing !

On the side of Computer spec and connection.
i7-8700K 5.1GHz
16Go of RAM
GTX1060 6Go

Optical fiber connection :

Thank you for reading me, and considering me.

Oh... And one last things.
I'm late in the tier. I know it. I'm not looking for a Jaina spot.
I'm looking for a home in this game. Meet new people as my mate left the game a while ago. And enjoy the game, again ! For as long as I can imagine.
And for that, I'm able to wait !

Hope to hear for you, soon.

Kinds Regards, Skyy
29. March 2019 16:33
User avatar Protection Paladin
Hey there and thanks for your application, we'll get back to you within 48 hours.
29. March 2019 18:19
User avatar Protection Paladin
Thanks again for your application, I'm afraid we're mainly looking for a hunter we can bring to Jaina - as such we've decided on a decline at this time.

Best of luck finding a guild!
30. March 2019 11:45
User avatar Hunter
Hi Blazzt,

I do understand that point.
Unlucky I am, I guess ...

Best luck in Jaina ;)

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