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Personal information

Personal Information

United Kingdom
Well I have been playing computer games since the age of 5 starting at the basic old games with the shocking pixels. When WOW was released ages ago I was one of the OG'S to start playing it and fell in love with it. Ever since i've been competitive on a broad range of games such as League, Rainbow Six Siege, Overwatch, Hearthstone and have been making a name for myself.
In general I just finished A levels a year ago which were a success and has set me up nicely for future jobs whilst currently working up in London

Character information

Character Information

Discipline, Holy
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Have a total hours across 4 priests of 154 days 12 hours. I need help :(

Other information

Other Information
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Severance is a guild that has been seen on Kazzak for sometime due to its quality of players, progression in world rankings and know for its social aspects. Severance has a great social atmosphere that you strive for which shows in the guild and through raiding. You guys strive to be the best that you can be in raiding and outside of raiding which I highly look for in a guild and you guys achieve that. In addition to raiding, you make sure the raids are serious and hardworking to achieve your goals whilst making it fun and enjoyable in between which is the most important aspect in a raiding guild that i look for.
TBC - Completed All raids before next tier release
WOTLK - Completed All raids before next tier release
Cata - Completed All raids before next tier release
MoP - Completed All raids before next tier release. AOTC + CE on SoO
Emerald Nightmare - 7/7 HC (AOTC) / 7/7 M (CE
Trial of Valor - 3/3 HC (AOTC) / 3/3 M (CE)
Nighthold - 10/10 HC (AOTC) / 10/10 M (CE)
Antornus Burning Throne - 11/11 HC (AOTC) / 10/11 M

Current Progression:
Heroic 8/8 9/9 AOTC (Week 2 for BDA)
Mythic: 7/8 6/9 (105 pulls on mekka with a 1.8% wipe)
Previous Guilds:

Ad Elysium - Raided with them at the start of legion and at the end of legion. I decided to step down as a mythic raider due to exams (dont have any more exams anymore).
Banished EU - Started raiding with them during uldir and they disbanded / switched factions.
Mithril Knights - Atmosphere was a bit confusing, lots of drama and closed groups e.g. mythic +'s so hard to really get along with anyone.

Raiding in wow gives a sense of a new challenge at every boss, it requires either a high amount of good mechanics or perfect mechanics to kill the boss. It also requires teamwork and communication in which after a challenging kill may feel worth it and a sense of happiness. Mythic raiding for me is something that separates the average players from the best players possible. Knowing their class fully, getting the best out of them, perfect mechanics, cooperation, communication and the best players with the best players. That is why I raid, killing a boss with a team feels great and I always love to be apart of that. My wow goals are to achieve cutting edges every release with a team that I feel comfortable with, can be serious and have fun with whilst all growing as a team and a player. Overall I always aim to be the best player i can be growing at a guild and contributing to their success on clear and world ranking tables.

Sadly no

Logs can be 100% better. Am missing 1 piece that is really important in terms of damage (makes spriest passive damage do the most damage out of all spells and mine is currently at the bottom after comparing). I always imagine my damage after looking at that comparision ;)
27. March 2019 13:42
User avatar Protection Paladin
Hey there and thanks for your application, we'll get back to you within 48 hours.
29. March 2019 17:26
User avatar Protection Paladin
Sorry for the delayed reply - I'm afraid we've decided on a decline at this time, best of luck finding a guild.

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