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Application has been declined.

Personal information

Personal Information

Nachiket M
Long time gamer , playing a variety of games over the years , some in a competitive capacity , Also enjoy physical sports and reading

Character information

Character Information

Beast Mastery
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Often play utility roles (ie take crit gem for opulence) for the raid , so don't get to pad on damage for logs often :D

Other information

Other Information
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Severance was one of the guilds i had considered applying to before I joined Sparks , and since I'm looking for a new guild , the name Severance came back to me . Your raid times are also comfortable for me , and so are the goals you've stated for yourself
Started raiding mid way into Uldir , achieved Cutting Edge near the end of it . Currently at 6/9M , with abour 20-30 pulls on Mekkatorque filling in for absences ( Best Try 7%)
Magnitude(Disbanded at 8/9M Uldir) , then Sparks . Sparks is looking to cut down roster size and classes they have in excess of . I was the latest hunter to join late in Uldir , and as such the RL has allowed me to look for a new guild or stay as a social. I've chosen to look for a new guild
I raid because i enjoy playing competitively in any game i play , and i enjoy doing high tier content that's a challenge to do . My main goal in wow is to play a respectable competitive rate and have fun doing it

Don't think so

Thanks for considering my application ,i look forward to hearing from you
27. March 2019 06:18
User avatar Protection Paladin
Hey there and thanks for your application, we'll get back to you within 48 hours.
Guild Master
27. March 2019 22:28
User avatar Blood Death Knight
Hey thanks again for the application, however your not quite what we are looking for.
Good luck with your guild search.

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