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Personal information

Personal Information

The Netherlands
I am 22 years old, currently living in The Netherlands. Following the study Business Administration and having an internship at Heineken. I am very social, always in for banter but during raids I am really serious. I can be a bit direct, but also able to take criticism the way it should be :)

Character information

Character Information

Beast Mastery
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Almost 46 neck level :)

Rerolled hunter halfway through December for BoD.

Other information

Other Information
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I saw your guild on WoWprogress with 8/9M progression. It looked professional, the raiding times & days really suits me and the social aspect of the guild is something I really like.
- 5/8M Uldir (Casual guild with a friend)
- 7/9M BOD (2% wipe on blockade - guild got kill raidday later + 54% best try Jaina)
PogU - An old guildy started this guild and was the reason for me to move to Kazzak. After a while the guild became inactive, had almost no progress and the raid leader was managing the guild awful. I took the decision to find a new guild, where we would raid three days (PogU did 2) and had a more professional atmosphere.

The Bin - After PogU I took a trial here. I have been here for around 20 days, but unfortunately yesterday the three Raid Leaders lost interest of the game and the guild quit raiding
I raid because I enjoy it. I like to play a game and get good at it, instead of playing multiple games. I have the same with M+, I like to play and push for the highest possible.

No I don't, but I hope to get to know everyone ^^

I asked the 3 raid leaders of The Bin if I would have made the trial. They all agreed that most likely I would have succeeded my trial there (They hadn't analyzed the logs that much, but from their experience so far).

I know I can improve on my logs, but I feel like I'm not selfish enough. F.e: Prefer to use my spirit mend on a tank that is on 30% health, than to dps. In some cases, doing the dps is better for the raid eventually. But I know that's a point I can improve on (so are my logs, kind of coherent)!
25. March 2019 19:14
User avatar Protection Paladin
Hey there and thanks for your application, we'll get back to you within 48 hours.
27. March 2019 14:51
User avatar Beast Mastery Hunter
I already found a guild, this one can be closed :)
27. March 2019 14:54
User avatar Protection Paladin
Ok, thank you for letting us know and good luck!

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