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Personal information

Personal Information

I'm a 27 and from Norway, Currently working fulltime and playing awesome games on my freetime. I used to be a highly competitive wow arena player, I also did some heroic 25 man raiding aswell, back in wrath and cata. After that I started playing fps games. The last 2 years I played as a semi professional Rainbow Six: Siege player, but had to quit because it was like having 3 jobs, there was simply not enough hours in the day. This is why I ended up coming back to wow. I was playing a fury warrior in patch 8.0, but ended up playing WW monk in 8.1, since its a more enjoyable and complex spec.I enjoy playing games at the highest level, because it gives me a real challenge.

Character information

Character Information

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Other information

Other Information
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To raid at the highest level.
Its been a while, but all of TBC, Heroic 25 Wrath and Cata. Pugged almost all the raids on HC in legion when I was playing on and off.
Deserter, but that is ages go. I left because I stopped playing the game.
I raid for the challenge and the enjoyment of achieving something as a group, and also the gear progression. My goals for BFA is to clear the rest of the upcoming raids on mythic.


If you were to invite me to the team, you would get a vocal and a great teamplayer that is hungry for mythic kills. I always turn up on time, and fully prepared, that includes tactics, pots, flask etc..

Thanks for reading my application, looking forward to hear from you.
19. March 2019 07:49
User avatar Protection Paladin
Hey there and thanks for your application, we'll get back to you within 48 hours.
20. March 2019 15:05
User avatar Protection Paladin
I'm afraid we're not currently looking to add another melee to the roster.
Good luck finding a guild!

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