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Personal information

Personal Information

Full time software developer, fan of Esports (previously HotS and WoW, now only WoW), books (mostly Star Wars and fantasy), non conflicting, non tilting.

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Character Information

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Most fun class I've mained so far (after hunter, priest and druid) and only melee dps I enjoy.

Other information

Other Information
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I'm looking for semi-hardcore guild which is capable of achieving Cutting Edge and has reasonable raid times.
My first raiding experience comes from SWToR at very decent level (most raids cleared before releasing next tier). As the game went downhill guild disbanded and few of us went to play WoW in late WoD. But I couldn't commit much time because of school and job so I only did AotC HFC (as MM Hunter and Disc Priest), then in Legion 5/7M EN (Hunter) before quitting WoW for several months. Returned at the beginning of ATB and casualy did only HC (as resto druid). With the release of BFA I'm done with school and trying to get back to serious raiding. So far CE Uldir which I started as resto druid but I rerolled to monk after Zul kill and finished the rest of the raid as MW. In BDA 3/9M atm (see past guilds).
My first guild was created together with friends from SWToR but didn't take long to disband. Next and current guild is Saviors on Drak'Thul in which I raided in Uldir but after progression ended some key people quit WoW and we couldn't find proper replacements. Currently raids are complete clown fiesta with 3-5 players dying to simple mechanics again and again. Now rest of the capable players are leaving including both tanks.
I love raiding since my SWToR days. That feeling when you kill boss after countless wipes is just priceless. My current goal in WoW is to achieve Cutting Edge.


25. February 2019 20:12
User avatar Retribution Paladin
Out of context.. What server you played swtor on?
25. February 2019 21:04
User avatar Monk
Red Eclipse
26. February 2019 21:46
User avatar Windwalker Monk
Hey there and thanks for your application, we'll get back to you within 48 hours.
Guild Master
27. February 2019 01:50
User avatar Blood Death Knight
Hey thanks for the application. however we have just recruited another healer. so will be closing the open spot for the duration of his trial.

good luck with your guild search.

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