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Exorzon's Application Battletag: Not shown for your role. Posted: 25. February 2019 - 14:25

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Personal information

Personal Information

I'm a very competitive person, always trying to improve no matter what game we are talking about. I'm a big fan of E-sports especially the CSGO scene, I don't do much in life other than gaming so I guess you can call me an actual PC nerd :)

Character information

Character Information

Survival, Beast Mastery
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Been maining my trustworthy Hunter since Dragon Soul back in Cataclysm currently sitting at 238 days played with 49 of them being at 120.

Other information

Other Information
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I've been looking for a new home for a couple of days and thought that this guild could be the one, you seem like a serious bunch of people which is exactly what I'm looking for right now.
Past notably raid experience I'd say would be 8/8 Dragon Soul. I did get some good pulls in on Garrosh Mythic back in SoO aswell but we never managed to get Cutting Edge sadly. Other than that I'm afraid it's looking quite bleak. 7/8M Uldir is the most recent.
I used to raid with Apex (Kazzak) during SoO and followed them into the beginning of WoD and Highmaul but my interest quickly fell short of the whole Warlords expansion so I decided to call it quits and it stayed that way for quite some time. Fast forward to about two months prior to the BfA launch I decided to boot up the good ol' WoW again and found out that Apex was no longer a thing, a few bunch of people had moved into Hypoxic on Talnivarr which is where I'm currently at. I'd like to leave because there is no sense of leadership and a bit too many underperformers for my liking.
For me personally Cutting Edge raiding has always been the thing that I enjoy the most in WoW, m+ was a nice touch but it doesn't get me quite as satisfied as CE raiding does

I used to raid with Rugsul and Ahmir back in the day under a different alias and I also know Zumadin

I noticed you're not looking for any dps right now but hopefully I persuaded you into giving me a chance, I'd love to raid with you all! Also sorry for the blurry UI screenshot, it's taken directly from my stream as I didn't have one saved :P
Guild Master
25. February 2019 15:20
User avatar Blood Death Knight
Hey thanks for the application. should be able to give you an answer within 48 hours
26. February 2019 13:20
User avatar Marksmanship Hunter
Sounds great!
Guild Master
27. February 2019 01:48
User avatar Blood Death Knight
I have added you on bnet for a quick chat :)
Guild Master
27. February 2019 14:03
User avatar Blood Death Knight
app withdrawn.

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