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Personal information

Personal Information

I like to study logs in depth. Analyse the source of any potential issue, be prepared for the fight, know where the damage is thickest and how to use cooldowns and stuff. I'm also quite adept in providing visual enchancements for boss fights, providing the rest of the raid with visual insight of what they need to do ( when i was raidleading at least).
I want to be done with the content in a fast and efficient way, while drama cannot be avoided, i really abhore drama queens and such environments.
This is what i mean by visual insights and pre-work :
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You look like the guild i'm looking for, 3 days, proper progress,a fair ammount of bad jokes is what i'm hoping for.
Naxx 10/25 cleared (naxx gear) undying title(icc gear)
OS 10/25 cleared (naxx gear) 3D (icc gear)
EoE 10/25 cleared (ulduar gear)
Ulduar 10 11/14,ulduar 25 6/14(ulduar gear) full hardmodes 10 and 25 (icc gear)
ToGC 10man cleared ToGC 25man 3/5 (cleared with icc gear)
ICC 10/25 hc cleared (Icc gear)

First tier of 3 raids,1/13 HC.(first tier gear) crazy tactic on nefarian,i tanked both drakes till the adds were handled ;p
Firelands:1/7 HC (firelands gear)
Dragon Soul: 8/8 HC (DS gear) worst raid ever imo

Here's is where i started with my hunter
MSV: 6/6 normal (1st tier gear) BM
HoF:6/6 normal (1st tier gear) BM
ToES:4/4 normal (1st tier gear) BM
ToT: 11/13HC(kinda boosted at the start because i was at break,so most of that progress shouldnt be relevant) BM
SOO:13/13 HC(SOO gear) (pre-wod patch,got mount) BM

Used the old distinctions for raid difficulties on the above.

Highmaul 7/7 mythic(6/7 with highmaul gear,got imperator with BRF gear) MM then Surv
BRF 8/10 mythic(brf gear) Surv till 4set,then switched to BM,tried MM in blast furnace,seemed to work well.
HFC 13/13 mythic (current tier gear) MM

Emerald Nightmare 7/7 mythic. relevant gear. MM hunter.
ToV and nighthold i didnt play at all when it was relevant.
ToS: 8/9 mythic, had some 10% pulls on KJ the week before antorus came out. Holy paladin/ MM hunter.
Antorus : Holy paladin 11/11

Uldir: 8/8 Holy paladin.
BoD : 2/9 Holy paladin.

I started playing when WotLK came out.Reached max level and raid entry gear when ulduar came out.At that point we created a guild and somehow in 2 months i ended up leading it.Given that at that point i was completely in the dark about the game,raids and raidleading or guildleading.This guild went on until ToC came out,after we took our shot at ulduar 10man without never defeating yogg at the tier,we went 1/5 hc in ToGC at 10man.
After that we went our separate ways,i stopped raiding on my protection paladin and played my warlock.Joined a guild named Star Striders in which we killed 3/5 ToGC 25man.I stayed in this guild until the end of ICC when the guild died down before we could defeat LK in 25man.After that i joined a guild called Envy on maelstrom and got pretty much boosted to a LK kill.

When cataclysm hit me and my buddies were ready,having raided an expansion we thought we could handle to run a 10man guild effectively and founded Stallion,and with the changes to the loot at that point,it was perfect.With few irl friends and former Star Striders members,we went up to 1/13 HC at the first 3 raids of Cata.
However our success was shortlived after a couple of core members had to stop playing the game.Right before Firelands hit the guild has died down.Being my own guild i didnt leave of course.I restarted it during Dragon Soul only to get myself disheartened about how dreadful that raid was.We killed the normal and 2 heroics in Dragon soul. (guildleader,raidleader)

At the end of cataclysm The Maelstrom server was dying out.I joined a 10man guild named Resolute which with whom i migrated to Kazzak,i had just started playing my hunter.Stayed there for 10 months and raided first batch of raids in MoP.After some time and some really hard-earned progress by some of the people in the raid.
I went head-to-head with the guildmaster about the continuous fails of certain people,his unwillingness to explain tactics thourougly beforehand,the raiders unwillingness to read up on fights,it just started to feel like it wasnt the guild for me.I lost my raid spot due to stressing people out while in the raid and shortly after i left the guild.

After that a month before SoO came out,i joined a guild named Pendulum on the kazzak.They were progressing on dark animus heroic in ToT at that moment,they boosted me throughout the rest of heroic,and shortly after i joined they killed Dark animus.I stayed in this guild since this january 2015,where there was a big break up between the guildmaster and the officers,pretty much the entirety of the raiding team except the guildmaster left guild and created Furious Wrist.

Furious wrist disbanded at gorefiend. At this point i drifted a bit before joining Order of Sargeras, really undergeared while they were progressing mannoroth. I stayed in OoS since then, ended up raidleading in the spring of 2016. I stopped playing after EN due to mandatory army service. Spent 9 months in a special forces battalion. Came back in august and restarted the guild on 20th of august from 0/9 tos to what was when i left 7/11 antorus. For reasons i'd rather not state publicly i have decided to leave the very raid team i created. However i can iterate on it if needed. (Raidleader,officer)

I got accepted into fang right after they killed aggramar and after 1 re-clear they focused on extendign till argus is dead, so i 've been on sitout ever since. After 1 more half reclear up to aggramar, they decided to fail my trial. Bad at mechanics was the rationale. Although i do believe the reasons were much more different. I was there every day for a month, on bench, got a grand total of 1 reclear during the shitty patch week with the lag, 40 pulls on argus in total and half a reclear after the kill on argus. They had like 350 wipes already when they got me in and obviously i am not infallible. I dont think i got the chance i needed to show what i'm worth.

I joined delusions at a time where their roster was being substantially overhauled and i got trialed along with an older raider coming back. This didnt pan out well. I left and joined an alliance guild on silvermoon progressing on argus. Guild fell apart in a week.
After that i joined Halo on silvermoon and stayed there up until mid-september. Had a serious disagreement with the officers. Apparent lack of respect drove me and some other players from the guild.

After that i returned to kazzak and joined Xeon which took a break in raiding.
After that i joined Vanguard who were reforming at the time. After ghuun died i was informed i'd be benchboy holy paladin, out of the blue. Having put many more extra hours than the other healers to research cooldowns, i really didnt like the blindsided move and i informed them i am LFG,they kicked.
After that i joined aurora nox, i misstimed an AM at vectis and the shammy was above me on healing on tanks on fetid and then tanks died on ghuun because they took 500k dmg in secs ( can provide logs ). After just 1 raid and the above tragic misplays, the healing officer who is quite new at the job and rush in decisions, decided to recruit another holy paladin. After the first hc week in BoD i quickly realised that being judged on heroic pulls with 2 more healers than required, isnt what i need in my life. To iterate further, i firmly believe that lobster, the healing officer of aurora nox is a 35year old virgin.
Well, life is a zero sum game, so might as well do what you like in the in-between the fairyman and the vagina. Raiding is what i like to do in my free time, it gives me a sense of false achievement and holds back the depressing thought of impending doom and the death of the cosmos.


I have texan accent in english, british as well but its forced really so it sounds fake.
13. February 2019 11:45
User avatar Protection Paladin
Hey there and thanks for your application, we'll get back to you within 48 hours.
Guild Master
14. February 2019 00:39
User avatar Blood Death Knight
Hi thanks again for the application. however your not quite what we are looking for at this time.

Good luck with your guild search.
14. February 2019 14:45
User avatar Paladin
Did i try too much with the jokes?
14. February 2019 18:58
User avatar Retribution Paladin
Can we still get a recording of your texan accent?

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