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Personal information

Personal Information

Nothing really exciting to say. I live in the easy of England with a wife, child & dog. I work as an IT Manager for a vehicle engineering company so as you can guess, I see very little daylight!

When not working/playing I'm picking up the pieces from a house renovation (Reason for slow BFA Progress & 5 weeks away...Thanks BT!) or mountain biking in the local forest area

Character information

Character Information

Brewmaster, Windwalker
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Just returned from 5 weeks off so my neck level is a little behind what i'd normally be striving for. Logs for BoD are from pug raids so a poor reflection, better accuracy can be seen in the Uldir logs

Other information

Other Information
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When looking for a guild I have a few criteria I aim for.

1. A long standing history of consistency & success
2. A stable community with life outside of raiding
3. A team I can push & be pushed by to perform better every raid

Severance appear to have all of these values & now that I am in a position to raid extensively again it is a community I believe I share the same values as and can slot into perfectly.
Cleared everything whilst current except Sunwell & Lady Vashj

Cleared all content whilst current

Started Bastion of Twilight & Blackwing Descent but wife's pregnancy got to a stage that raiding full time & setting up a family life had an impact. I went and played very casually at this point

Pure filthy casual with the occasional nappy change & feeding time

Came back to raiding, started slowly with a heroic 2/week guild clearing Highmaul & BrF Heroic
With the release of HFC I stepped back up and joined another mythic guild, clearing all fights ending with a CE Archimonde kill

During the transition into Legion the guild I was in went through a merger (In hindsight it was rough!).....Anyway
Emerald Nightmare: CE Xavius
Trial of Valor: Guarm mythic
Nighthold: Elisande Mythic
Tomb of Sargeras:Managed to down Maiden of Vigilence mythic and some progress on Avatar
Antorus: The merger finally fell through and I moved to anothe guild clearing CE Argus on a 2/week schedule
Starting back from WoD as my memory is hazy years prior to that
Pulse: Highmaul/BrF - Left as I moved back into Mythic Raiding
Without A Doubt: HFC-Tomb of Sargeras - This was the merger guild, it went through a few name changes & leadership changes in its existance, ultimately falling apart
Team Epic: Antorus - Taking on the house renovation I didnt have time to commit to their increased 3/week schedule that was being implemented for BFA release.
Fury: Current guild - I joined to keep my hand in raiding whilst working on other projects, now they're over and I have my time back i'm aiming to get back into Mythic progression raiding on a more serious level
I raid for one purpose...progression
Now that doesnt mean fun & relaxation come with that but when the hammer falls its focus time. Mid pull isnt the time for memes and jokes, they come between pulls along with reflection on mistakes & suggestions.

Afraid not

I've made this application from the office so i'm unable to supply a screenshot until I get home this weekend. I will come to amend the application as soon as I get the opportunity.

You'll find much of my history isnt on my Monk, it's on my paladin (Bubblefett). I started off as a Prot warrior until Mount Hyjal where every guild needed a paladin tank, I continued tanking until Cata where I ended up going Holy. Carrying on healing since then. I moved away from Paladin to monk when Antorus was released for 2 reasons.
1. We were raiding with 3 paladins and it just wasnt really viable to class stack like that. I rerolled to bring flexibility & options to the roster.
2. 12 years of playing 1 class got a bit dull & my performance was reflecting in my complacency. The monk was a refreshing challenge, with more variety in the spells being cast & the challenge of actually being mana starved at times it pushed me to maximise my playstyle again.

I keep my paladin & priest handy during most tiers incase a particular fight calls for some níche. That isnt the case for BoD but i'll be working on it once the Monks neck ilvl is caught back up to where i'm happy with.
09. February 2019 08:38
User avatar Windwalker Monk
Hey there and thanks for your application, we'll get back to you within 48 hours.
09. February 2019 16:06
User avatar Mistweaver Monk
As promised - screenshot now attached
11. February 2019 00:10
User avatar Windwalker Monk
We'll have a response to you some time monday (most likely late).
Guild Master
11. February 2019 08:13
User avatar Blood Death Knight
hi, thanks again for the application and sorry for the slow reply. but sadly your not quite what we are looking for, good luck with your guild search.

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