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Application has been declined.

Personal information

Personal Information

I am a dog trainer IRL, I am a social , communicative person wich plays for fun but also takes the game in serious. I play this game since Vanilla , with little breaks here and there, restarted again , because I've enjoyed and I'll always enjoy the game itself and the community .

Character information

Character Information

Discipline, Shadow
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I'm playing priest since the start of the WoW , been playing all the specs during the time. From holy , to disc, to shadow. I enjoy my class so I can easily change to the spec my guild needs.

Other information

Other Information
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Because I want a guild, where the RL takes the game in serious, that can super coordinate, someone with whom I can progress so I can help progressing. Because I need to be surrounded by people who knows what they want from raiding , and from people who knows how to play .
TBC-Kara,Gruul's Lair,MGT,SSC,TK,BT,Mount Hyjal,SWP
WOTLK-Naxx,Sanctum,Eoe,Ulduar,Trail,Ony's Lair,ICC,Ruby
BFA-Uldir 6/8 M BOD 1/8 M
My past guild it's called DoomSquad, I've joined that guild to help them progress , after my first guild from BFA disbanded . Seems for me like they are just getting worse so they hold me back. My RL is that type of person who cannot kick the bad players or bench them so he is just forcing the good ones to carry over and over again the bad ones, resulting to no progress for the guild.(wich is my goal, alwasy to improve not to get even worse )
I raid because I like the encounters and the raiding atmosphere, it's challenging, and it's the only place where you can prove that you come with something good for the team , or not. I always enjoy new raids with even more harder mechanics , place where you can show that nice addon being called brain. I don't have many goals , just one . That one day me and my guild will be somewhere competing for realm 1st .

No , I do not

I'd like to add the fact that I am not a guild hooper, maybe that's why I've picked to stay so long with the guild I had because I've always believed things will get better . I enjoy to stay in a guild as much as I can ,forever if it's needed . I'd also like to add the fact that atm I'm doing the best as Holy,Disc, played few M+ as Shadow here and there for fun,but I can always be a chameleon and switch if the guilds needs at some point.
04. February 2019 20:54
User avatar Windwalker Monk
Hey there and thanks for your application, we'll get back to you within 48 hours.
05. February 2019 20:36
User avatar Windwalker Monk
I'm afraid we've decided on a decline at this point, as we don't think you're the right fit for our healer team.

Best of luck finding a guild!

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