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Application has been declined.

Personal information

Personal Information

I'm chill and always up for a laugh within Disc/TS/vent/mumble and playign other games be them Mobas or FPS.

I've been a hunter main since ye olde says of 2005 (though being awfully bad back then) I am experienced with other classes mage, paladin, warrior, DH for example.

Character information

Character Information

Marksmanship, Beast Mastery
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I have just returned after a lengthy break with BFA as 90% of the raiding roster in my previous/current guild had, so as you can see neck level is lacking behind the current expected but I am managing to level it in a semi decent timeframe.

My progress within Uldir was only 3/8 with 30-40 attempts on Vectis before it collapsed so my experience in the current teir is lacking. I have been maining survival mostly during the time i have spent in BFA whilst switching to BM/MM when needed, but I am aware I had the luxury of not so many melee in my last raid team (which does mean I have far more favourable Survival gear compaired to BM)

Other information

Other Information
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I'm looking to raid in the coming BoD to get CE as a goal whilst in a friendly community and having read your WoW progress page it intrigued me into applying.
only started raiding propperly in Wrath
Got the equivilant of cutting edge throughout Wrath and cata 25hc LK, ToTGC 25man, Alone in the darkness, Hc MoDW.

Took a break for 90% of MoP only returned in the last 3 months or so for SOO due to health reasons - which continued into WoD.

Legion got CE Argus and only made 5/8m ToS while it was current.

And lastly being Uldir 3/8m
Since tranfering horde, I was in Project nemisis on Kazzak from NH to a month of so into Uldir when the guild collapsed (supposedly has been remade now) . and Ascent whcih I am still in yet has been another sufferer of BFA guild killing
My wow goals are to push my limits to raid as hard as I can and push my personal rankings if I get the chance and of course the staple mount collecting. Whilst doing my M+ as I have to or/and am asked to help runs.

not that I know of

Thanks for reading the Application through, be happy to catch me ingame for other questions of course. Should i not be needed no hard feelings and good luck in the upcoming raid!
Guild Master
20. January 2019 16:36
User avatar Blood Death Knight
Hey thanks for the application, we should have an answer for you within 48hrs.
Guild Master
21. January 2019 22:42
User avatar Blood Death Knight
Hey, thanks again for the application sadly we have decided not to take it further.
Good luck with your guild search.

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