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Personal information

Personal Information

chill and kinda shy person who loves world of warcraft raiding

Character information

Character Information

Aggra (Português)
Destruction, Affliction
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i usualy try to play the best spec during progress.

Other information

Other Information
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I've looked into Severance's wow progress profile and noticed the fact that not only you try to raid efficiently and focused but you also care about community aspects and the non-toxic personalities.
started raiding in WOTLK where my "peak" in the expansion was in ICC 11/12 25HC with 'Reign of Chaos-GrimBatol', Cataclysm did normal mode in the 3 initial raids (BWD BOT and TOTFW) in a social guild with some friends, after that i joined 'Drama-GrimBatol' where i raided firelands full 10HC. Dragonsoul just raided in the end of the patch but was enough to clear the content in 10hc. During early MOP did ahead of the curve in the first raid and stopped playing. Came back in WOD just as a casual player. When Legion launched i joined 'Entangled Roots Tribe-GrimBatol' where we did EN 4/8M, NightHold 8/10M (started to occour some commitment issues with raiders/officers during this time), TOS 1st boss mythic and a break because we were lacking ppl to have 20. Antorus we did 5 bosses and disbanded again because of the lack of ppl and server issues in terms of recruitment. I still tried to continue progressing through Antorus and joined another guild where we did more than 300 tries on Mythic Argus(best was about 15% last phase) but some ppl burned out and again the issue to have 20 members to raid was always a problem. In BFA 'Entangled Roots Tribe-GrimBatol' came back for a while where we did 5/8M but the people there didn't change and it happened again.. disband due to ppl not commiting to the raids and just stopped playing. At the moment im in a guild called 'A Cow Ate My Candy-Aggra(Português)' where we killed mythic Mythrax since i joined but it seems most of them are already burned out and raids are being called due to lack of the 20 to get cutting edge.
before legion i was not taking the game so seriously and most of the times i had to stop raiding due to school. In legion all the guilds i was in disbanded or took breaks because of population issues on the server and lack of 20players to raid. At the moment, besides some raids being called too soon because of not having the 20 players i am also trying to look for more and improve myself and for that i think i need to be in a different environment
I love raiding progression and i am always trying to improve my game.
I've never actually achieved a cutting edge since i started raiding more seriously but it is definetly my main goal and i've been getting closer.
I want to get the hardest content done at the right time and i think a guild like Severance is the place for that.

no, i dont think so but i would like to ;)

i am "kinda competitive" but in a good way. when i make a mistake im the first to be "mad" at myself and see what i did wrong and what i could have done to avoid it
07. January 2019 14:50
User avatar Protection Paladin
Hey there and thanks for your application, we'll get back to you within a few days.
08. January 2019 06:16
User avatar Frost Mage
You state demo as your main spec, and while it is fun to play, we aren't always allowed to have fun. What spec do you envision playing in BoD?
08. January 2019 17:45
User avatar Demonology Warlock
I haven't checked bfd but im pretty sure aff/destro Will probably be the specs for progression while demo is more of a farm oriented spec due to its "turret" style of dpsing. As i mentioned im completly fine playing all lock specs during prog depending of the encounters
Last edit: 08. January 2019 17:47
Guild Master
08. January 2019 23:04
User avatar Blood Death Knight
hey, thanks again for the application, sadly at this time were not looking to add another warlock to our roster.
Good luck with your guild search.

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