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Personal information

Personal Information

My name is Nicolas, I am 23 years old and I live in Norway. I am a full time student, studying English and Religion at the university in order to become a teacher.

Character information

Character Information

Restoration, Feral

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Can be worth mentioning that the reason the neck level is so low, is that I quit the game 2 months ago after we killed Fetid. At the time I was struggling with some personal life problems and had to prioritize my studies and life over raiding. I recently came back, and since then I haven't really been playing my druid all too much, only doing weekly +10's etc.

Other information

Other Information
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The reason I have decided to apply to Severance is because I know a few people in the guild. My guild disbanded not long ago, after a really disappointing raid tier where we had huge expectations. No one really had the motivation to carry on, and that's why we decided it was better to split up. I have played in that guild for the past 1 and a half year, and I am now looking for a new home. The reason for Severance, is because it's the same amount of raid hours and nights I am used to, and I know a few people in there that I have played with a lot, both inside and outside of guilds. So I think it could be a nice breath of fresh air
I've raided for a long time but the only things I find worth mentioning is all the Cutting Edge achievements since Archimonde and -

TOS - World 310
Antorus - World 279

So I have experience at your level.
My previous guild, which has been mentioned a lot this application, is Circinus, and the reason I am leaving is because they quit raiding.

Other guilds that can be worth mentioning is Trident, where I played alongside Elythiel and Herjeee, and at that time I left because the guild unfortunately was going nowhere, and I wanted to try raiding at a higher level.
So the reason I raid and play games in general, is because I enjoy pushing and clearing content. There is a very satisfactory feeling when you manage to down that next boss and you get one step closer to completing your goal of clearing the raid. Its fun because its challenging, and that's what keeps me doing it. Its obviously more rewarding because of the loot as well, and being able to further improve your character.

I know Elythiel, Herjeee, Amphy and Rugsul

So there is one important thing that I would like to add. I am not specifically applying into this guild as a boomkin. The main reason I have chosen my boomie's armory and so on is because it was my main before I quit, and it's still my best geared character, and the one I have been raiding in Uldir with. That being said I still intend to keep it geared and so on, but I know you already have 2 boomies in your raid team, so I am open to playing other classes that may be more suited, or sought after. Currently I have mostly been playing my shadow priest, which I'll link my armory to in the bottom of this section. So if there is a bigger need for a shadow priest (nice joke I know), I am up for that as well. I am gearing towards the next raid regardless. My previous guild used private logs, but I can get a hold of screenshots if necessary. If you want more info on this you know where to find me. (shadow)
04. December 2018 18:56
User avatar Havoc Demon Hunter
Nico app Pog
04. December 2018 22:13
User avatar Shadow Priest
Guild Master
04. December 2018 22:36
User avatar Blood Death Knight
Hey, thanks for the application, were not majorly in need of any class right now, but since you know so many people here we will talk it over and get back to you by the weekend.
04. December 2018 23:31
User avatar Assassination Rogue
No rush at all, take your time.

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