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Aldmora's Application Battletag: Not shown for your role. Posted: 14. November 2018 - 19:39

Application has been declined.

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This is my new character after break from legion thats why there is almost nothing on it. My main was holy priest on other server (Vranek - Burning Legion). But i know what this char is capable off and know how to use it.

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Looking for kind and good people to make some Raids and M+. And most important days of raids are fine for me :)
Cutting Edge Xavius and Cutting Edge Guld'dan, rest all Ahead of curve.
Slaughter House- Burning Legion, people stoped playing and guild has been disbanded. We were 5th on our server.
I raid for funn and to test myself. My goal is pretty simple, be better than i was before :V


Im playing mostly on healers, thats my best side.
Guild Master
16. November 2018 19:33
User avatar Blood Death Knight
Hey, thanks for the application, however we have decided your not quite what were looking for at this time.

good luck with your guild search.

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