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Personal information

Personal Information

I am fresh graduated from university , studied Computer information system , most of the time playing WoW and hanging out with some friends

Character information

Character Information

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this is not the character i cleared all the raids i mentioned with , i was a guardian druid named Shamstep if you want to check the logs :)

Other information

Other Information
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First of all the raid times fits me so well , and i saw the records and roster looks promising with a stable fixed raiding days , and talked to Vokar and he's so good that's a good impression about how the guild is good and the atmosphere is good in raiding i guess
At TBC i reached only Gruul's lair after that Wotlk has released so couldn't progress any more

at Wotlk i cleared till every content till Lich king but couldn't go further had some issue IRL so i had to stop playing and quit the game to solve things

I didn't play any of Cata or MoP

I came back at WoD and had 11/13 M at HFC but we struggled at Manno so most of people left and GM decided to disband the guild

at Legion 7/7 EN
3/3 ToV
10/10 NH
8/9 ToS with > 1% wipe on KJ
11/11 Antorus
i'll start with Wotlk :
I joined Kaizen and was officer there , we managed to progress on Ulduar but at some point we struggled with people and they started to miss the raid and most of people left so i decided to left also due to lack of progress
after that i joined Core was top guilds at Aerie Peak , i managed with them to clear every content and we reached Lich king at ICC but i couldn't go any further and stopped playing cause Real life > Wow and i quit the game actually

I came back at WoD and joined Aberration we had 11/13 HFC M progress but again people start getting bored and not showing up at raids cause of Manno low progress so they decided to disband the guild and i couldn't find any guild due to release of Legion

at Legion me and my friend decided to create Exodia , we had 700 rank at Guldan but my friend decided to quit due to university so we disbanded the guild cause he was the RL also

i took a break for couple of months and came back at the end of ToS
i joined Order of Sargeras and we reached 8/9 ToS and a semi-kill at KJ but we couldn't make it due to release of prepatch so we fucked up

at Antorus i left to find a new home cause they had a lot of people and a lot of benches and actually WW at the first of the patch was really shit so couldn't have any spot

I joined Potential after that and we killed Argus with 800 rank ish and everyone after that took a break due to BFA release

my friend asked me to remake Exodia again and i agreed and we did , but things weren't so good , lack of roster and people not focusing at mechanics and only had 3/8 progress so we decided to stop raiding for good

Then i got an offer from "Progress and profits" the GM talked to me and sound promised , as he said he got multiple CE with high ranks and top level competitive guilds , i accepted the offer and joined a new formed guild , after couple of tries at Vectis he left and transferred and i realized he got no experience nor joined high guilds before and he was lying.
Actually its the most joyful thing i do in the game , i've started as a raider couldn't be much more or less , couldn't enjoy the PVP nor casual , been raider since i started this game , love the atmosphere of the game and the hype after every kill , my goals to clear every content in this game at every expansion and patch and to master every class i play with

Sadly no

My logs might look not good , but most of them are progress kills if not for me for the guilds i joined and stucked with , got only 2 kills at Zekvos both of them are progressing , but i keep look at my logs and reply and check what should have i done and what shouldn't know my weakness and work on it hopefully you take this in consideration
finally thanks alot for taking time and read the application :)
13. November 2018 22:32
User avatar Protection Paladin
Hey there and thanks for your application - we'll get back to you within 48 hours.
15. November 2018 21:17
User avatar Protection Paladin
Sorry for the delay in getting a response to you, we'll have an answer for you tomorrow.
Guild Master
16. November 2018 19:31
User avatar Blood Death Knight
Hey, thanks again for the application, however after much consideration we have decided your not quite what were looking for at this time.

good luck with your guild search.

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