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Personal information

Personal Information

Eduardo Gomes
I love playin wow, i play atleast 10 to 12 hours a day, my attendance is flawless, if by any reason i couldnt appear in the raid i will always let you guys know 2-3 days ahead, but its extremely rare. I mainly play Healer but I'm certainly capable to play DPS if thats what we need.

Character information

Character Information

Guardian, Balance, Feral
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Other information

Other Information
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I play this game to raid, I do enjoy doing other things like M+, but raiding is what i like the most.
The constant progress to clear the raid, competing with other Healers on the meters :v, its what keeps me going and I believe Severance can give me that experience.
- Legion-
#The Emerald Nightmare (M) - 7/7 Cutting Edge (Holy Priest)
#Trial of Valor (M) - 3/3 (Holy Priest)
#Nighthold (M) 9/10 (Holy Priest)
#Tomb of Sargeras (M) 7/9 (Holy Priest)
#Antorus, the Burning Throne (M) 10/11 (Resto Druid)
Vindicta Nocturna, i left because i couldnt keep up with the late night raid times.
I enjoy raiding and my goal in every tier is to complete it in Mythic, Cutting Edge is the main goal.


Guild Master
06. November 2018 00:00
User avatar Blood Death Knight
Hey thanks for the application, should be able to get you an answer tomorrow night (Tuesday)
Guild Master
06. November 2018 23:40
User avatar Blood Death Knight
Hey, i have added you on bnet for a quick chat.
Drop me a msg there when you are free :)

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