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Personal information

Personal Information

Christian Bengtsson
Work as a registrar at an organization mostly involved in health care and regional development in Sweden. Outside of work I spend some parts of my time thinking about going to the gym – not because I´m unfit, it´s just that I can’t get myself to go that extra mile in this regard sine I already live up at five flights of stairs and surely that should be enough for anyone.

Character information

Character Information

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I think the armory is showing my pad set, hopefully the proper one will be showing after I´ve logged out for the day.

Other information

Other Information
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I only just transferred to the realm after also having gone through a faction change. Played Horde side since TBC (Alliance in Vanilla) and realised I preferred Horde and thus I started looking for a suitable, and large server, to transfer to. After that I started to look for suitable guilds and Severance looked promising.

Basically, to sum up, to progress further and to find a stable guild. I´m new to the server so really don’t have that much more to go by besides progress and that at first glance it seem like a good fit.
I´ve been playing since Vanilla (first as a restoration druid, though I mixed it up as balance whenever I could) in a guild called Semper Fidelis on Azjol-Nerub. Cleared MC, BWL, AQ40 and two wings in Naxxramas along with one more boss in the other two wings. Also killed all the world bosses. Played a lot more back then, a lot??

Then, during TBC, I went social and only played casually. Mostly leveled alts and dabbled a bit with PvP. When Wotlk came out I joined another raiding guild (The Scourge) as a warrior, left when the guild fell apart and joined a guild made by an ex Ensida member - can’t remember the name of the guild since it was ages ago. This time as a shadowpriest and I´ve stuck with the class since then (either as main or alt). Either way, with them I cleared everything up to Lich King HC.

When the next expansion was announced I went on a break due to work, but I came back during the later parts of MoP. Mostly raided through raids organized outside of WoW during this period due to work still being a limiting facotr, but managed to kill a fare few bosses on heroic in Siege of Ogrimmar, as well as clearing the raid on Mythic when I later on joined Victus just prior to the new expansion being released. After that I cleared everything on HC and a few bosses on Mythic in Highmaul (5/8). In Blackrock Foundry I cleared up to Maidens on mythic.

After that I was unable to raid regular for a while but kept playing socially in Victus. At the end of Legion I started playing on Ravencrest after a friend recommended the server (also the first time since vanilla that I played as alliance) and have so far cleared Uldir on HC and 4/8 bosses in Mythic.

Might´ve missed some raids on this list since I´ve played since the start.

Molten Core – Cleared, mostly server firsts
BWL – Cleared, mostly server firsts
AQ 40 – Cleared, mostly server firsts
Naxxramas – Cleared Spider- and Abomination wing and first boss in the other wings

Crusaders Coliseum – 5/5 HC
ICC – 11/12 HC
Naxxramas – Cleared
Obsidian Sanctum – Cleared HC
Ulduar – Cleared on HC
Ruby Sanctum – Cleared on HC

Mists of Pandaria
Siege of Orgrimmar – Cleared on HC while puggin with Openraid and then cleared Mythic when I joined Victus

Blackrock Foundry – 9/10 Mythic
Highmaul - 5/8 on Mythic

Nighthold – Cleared on HC
Trial of Valor – Cleared HC
The Emerald Nightmare – Cleared HC

Uldir – 8/8 HC, 4/8 Mythic
Vanilla - Semper Fidelis - Raided 6 days a week between 19-01 for almost 18 months. Burnt out and went social.

TBC - Social in Semper Fidelis and then I made the switch to Horde. Cant remember the name of the guild.

Wotlk - The Scourge. Guild fell apart. After that I joined a fresh guild that also fell apart. Didnt have much luck with guilds that expansion=/

Did not play in Cataclysm.

MOP and Draenor - Victus. Had to go casual due to work.

BFA - Below Average. Guild was falingl apart and i tried my luck with some other guild on the server, but it was a bad fit and I decided to go back to Horde side.

Current - No guild.
Raiding is what I prefer to do in this game and my goals are to have fun whilst doing that. Which is why stability and a social environment are key for me.

No, new to the server.

I have a cat named Schroedinger. Also, there might be some gaps in the history - cant remember everthing after playing since vanilla >.<
04. November 2018 21:19
User avatar Protection Paladin
Hey there and thanks for your application, we'll get back to you within 48 hours.
Guild Master
06. November 2018 23:39
User avatar Blood Death Knight
Hey thanks for the application. however your not quite what we are looking for.
Good luck with your guild search

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