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Personal information

Personal Information

Soheil azizi
this is soheil from hungary basically from iran i left my country 8 years back and migrate to the hungary im doing dentistry part time job dentist assistant

Character information

Character Information

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i know paladin class very well i have xp with paladin class in 4 previous expansion in holy and dps spec all talents

Other information

Other Information
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because i see you guys really success full in progressing and managing the stuff
guldan cutting edge
tomb of sargeras till avatar progressing they need of 4 rouge there for soaking
emerlad nightmare till cenarius
because i want to push more to achieve the high end content cutting edge this is what its left for us at the end of each patch
my wow goals at the first find a good friend with good skill in the game and in second place i want to get the cutting edge and finish the game in maximum difficulty its really satisfy me in this game the best part of this game for me is progressing the last boss of the content in maximum difficulty


im pushing the score aswell in mythic + dungeons to achive first paladin of the kazzak im in 5th place right now but i will be the first soon im working on that aswell beside raiding ,im really glad to find you guyz for long time friendship and best ingame xp ;)
Guild Master
04. November 2018 10:50
User avatar Blood Death Knight
Hey thanks for the application but your not quite what were looking for.
good luck in your guild search

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