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Personal information

Personal Information

A bit more about me - I am 30 years old, from the UK and work in IT. I am a pretty chill personality, i never really get mad or get in drama, and get along with everyone in my old guilds, even after nights of wipes (like 300 pulls on Argus Mythic etc MONKAS).

Character information

Character Information

Demonology, Destruction
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My main :) Played warlock for 10 years, edgelord4life

Other information

Other Information
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Firstly - the rather interesting and detailed description about severence on this website, which has a lot more detail than most, and I liked what I read. Severance seems a community as much as a guild, I am looking for a place where people dont just raidlog 3 times a week and there is a lot of fun/banter. I live for discord memes and having fun (whilst also being serious on progression)
Secondly - the guild is similar progress to my old guild, same hours, so it seems like a good fit. I also like to do a lot of M+ , which you seem to do a lot of.
I have played the game since TBC era. I got several Server first achievements in the WOLK era. I took a big break from Cata, until legion started. I really enjoyed Legion and raided every Tier, getting CE for the last 3 tiers of Legion and was a core part of the progression team of my old guild Eldritch with 95% attendance. For BFA Eldritch transferred from Silvermoon Alliance to Horde. Unfortunately Eldritch has disbanded for reasons I will explain later.
My old guild Eldritch collapsed yesterday after going 6/8M and killing Zul. I was in this guild for over 1 year and a core raider, attending every raid so far in Uldir. The 3 officers were burned out and decided to call it a day, and no one wanted to step up and raidlead/takeover etc. Personally I liked the guild, and will remain great friends with them on discord, however I am not minded to simply quit the game halfway through a Tier, so I need to find a new home :)
I raid for the feeling of killing a boss for the first time, after doing a long progress. It feels really good! After progress is finished, I also love doing chill farm runs, trying to compete with the other dps players on meters, getting logs and so on.. .Gear is nice, but not really why I play the game. Its the raiding and PVE part of the game I enjoy most. My goal is to get Cutting Edge each Tier, ideally on a 3 day schedule, whilst having fun doing it.

Sadly not.

My philsophy on raiding is Guild progress/smooth kills/doing mechanics properly > personal dps.

I am aware my fetid and zul kills on mythic are not great ranks, however these were sloppy "Progression" kills where I was focusing on not dying, and having to play around others to a certain extent (we had quite a melee heavy comp). For example I ended up taking sub-optimal pure ST talents on Zul since we had issues with crawgs dying to quickly, normally warlocks take AC, corr them for ID stacks to dump into the boss.... However Kills > My own personal ranks on progression, im not a logwhore, the time for getting good ranks is on farm (as you can see by my old legion logs on silvermoon).
I am happy to wipe for days progressing on a boss, I dont go emo or tell other people how to play. 100% not toxic.

In terms of addons, I use WA, bigwigs,, aa, all the usual addons. I make sure I keep up with warlock loss/discord to keep on top of all class changes/optimal talents for each encounter, traits, and so on.

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