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Personal information

Personal Information

Adrian qvarnström
I live at home, I don't study but I work 2-3 times a week but otherwise I just sit in all day and spam m+ :)

Character information

Character Information

Arcane, Fire
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I can adapt to any spec because I can study it in but I know the core and basics for all specs. I prefer frost atm though.

Other information

Other Information
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I have chosen to apply to you guys because everything I read I agree with. I like the days and times, I'm fine with extending because many times it could be nice to extend when close to a kill. I'd like to have a fun but still it has to be serious though. I meet what you can expect from me, I can promise that there will be no negative or toxic behavior from my part. I don't think I'm the best player in the world and my ego is not big, but I guess I can call myself good enough and that is why I have courage to apply here. I know I can do mechanics and maintain my dps on a good level. I always study tactics untill I fully know and understand them since it's sort of my job to know it as a raider. I can promise good performance.
I started raiding back in wotlk but never got to fully commit to raiding since I was still young but I started clearing 25hc content in Firelands and DS. I mained ret pally in cata but swapped to holy ally in MoP. I didn't really enjoy mop too much so I didn't raid alot, but cleared Mogushan vaults, heart of fear and started terrace. WoD came and I started raiding mythic (This is when I started maining mage aswell) and cleared Highmaul mythic but later had a break BRF came due to school. (Keep in mind that I'm finished with school now and will not need any breaks.) I didn't do anything during hfc. Legion came and I joined a guild called rimfrost and I raided with them through emerald nightmare mythic, tov and a little bit of nighthold, we disbanded and I joined nerve. The RL was really toxic so I didn't stay and joined Lagom on Kazzak but later quit also due to school (Again, I will not need a break again) I skipped ToS and casually raided Antorus hc because I played with irls that hadn't played before. I am now here, cleared 8/8 normal and 3/8 hc.
Rimfrost: I liked this guild the best because we had a great time while progressing decently fast. We disbanded due to guild drama caused by irls in the guild that also left.
Nerve: I left because the RL was toxic and a really bad guy.
My goals are always cutting edge because I know it's possible for me. I raid because it's the most epic thing in the game and it feels really satisfying killing bosses that are hard but still it's really rewarding in that way. It's literally just the best thing to do in the game imo.


Cheers :)
Guild Master
10. September 2018 00:37
User avatar Blood Death Knight
Hey thanks for the app, should be able to get you an answer tomorrow
Guild Master
10. September 2018 19:36
User avatar Blood Death Knight
Hey, next time your on bnet drop me a message

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