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Nasedo's Application Battletag: Not shown for your role. Posted: 30. April 2018 - 16:37

Application has been accepted.

Personal information

Personal Information

Chris Main
United Kingdom
I'm a very laid back guy, thick skinned & always up for a bit of bants. I'm a father of two children, a very level headed guy that is always up for a challenge. Also happy to help out others where possible.

Other information

Other Information
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I decided to apply because i have a few friends in the guild already that i would like raid with again. The guild itself appeals to me as it can maintain a social aspect whilst still achieving results in a raid setting.
WotLK: 12/12 HC 10/25man ICC
SoO: 14/14 Heroic before mythic was introduced.
WoD: HM 4/7 Mythic, BF 9/10 Mythic, HFC 5/13 Mythic
Legion: EN 5 /7 Mythic, ToS 8/9 Mythic (Benched for Avatar) AtBT: 11/11 Mythic
Raiding Guilds
1.Monster Inc: Raid leader/Officers decided to step down, resulting is the raid team coming to an end.
2. Hadez Army: I deiced to leave this guild due to the lack in raid members, the guild was decent, just every week we seemed to be looking for that missing raider. Most of the time it was a core role that we were lacking. This led to many raid nights being cancelled at the last minute.
3. Stress Test: This is my current guild, currently our raid team is on a break as we have cleared the tier. However its looking more likely that the guild may not continue into BFA as many raiders have left to join others guilds that are still actively farming AtBT.
I raid because I really enjoy the challenge & the social aspect of it. My goals are to complete the raid tier whilst it is relevant & to have fun whilst doing it.

Raifu, Mahogany & Bairn

I'm happy to play other classes within the healer/tanking role.
30. April 2018 17:39
User avatar Assassination Rogue
Big Dog seal of approval
Guild Master
02. May 2018 14:30
User avatar Blood Death Knight
Hey thanks for the application, however currently we are full, its possible this could change before BFA, but unlikely.
good luck with your guild search
15. July 2018 09:10
User avatar Protection Paladin
For anyone confused, this application was accepted due to us having a space in BFA.

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