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Application has been accepted.

Personal information

Personal Information

Craig Kennedy
My name is Craig Kennedy and im from Scotland. I work as an engineer and enjoy playing alot of games in my spare time. I consider myself easy to get along with and always down for some fun and banter.

Character information

Character Information

Twisting Nether
Restoration, Enhancement
  • Restoration: 75
  • Enhancement: 75
  • Elemental: 80
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I have mained Elemental shaman from the end of wrath. I have played many classes over the years and am willing to switch for the good of the team.

Other information

Other Information
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I've thought about applying to Severance many times since you guys formed in WoD as i was raiding with mahog and Vokar and a few other i think. Ive decided to apply now because i want a fresh start in BFA and would like to do that with friends who i have in Severance and Friends ive still to meet.
In legion:
EN - Cleared mythic
ToV - Cleared mythic
NH- 6/10 mythic
Antorius - 9/11 Progressing argus now broke my hand so had to take a break
Hadez Army- Current guild, im looking for a new and perma home for BFA
False- disbanded at the end of warlords
Monsters inc- I was GM and guild disbanded when i stopped playing for abit due to real life issues
I raid mainly to progress the current and high end content and like having a fun time doing it. pushing progression is most important but having fun along the way is vital.

Eiichler, Mahog, vokar and i think some others

If anyone has anything they would like to ask please feel free to do so.

P.S The UI screenshot is eiichlers i had to put somthing in to submit apply ill update with my own when i set my pc back up.

Thanks alot and take care
23. April 2018 21:15
User avatar Assassination Rogue
Put him in coach!
23. April 2018 21:20
User avatar Shadow Priest
Pretty good player for a scotsman
Guild Master
23. April 2018 21:31
User avatar Blood Death Knight
Why did you link Eichler's Mage UI ?
23. April 2018 21:49
User avatar Elemental Shaman
I just needed something to put in the section to post the application, ill put my own there tommorow
Last edit: 23. April 2018 21:50
24. April 2018 20:19
User avatar Elemental Shaman
Updated with my own ui :)
Guild Master
24. April 2018 23:41
User avatar Blood Death Knight
Accepted for BFA.

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