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Personal information

Personal Information

Hey there, my name is Mars and I'm a 23 year old french dude. I work as a sysadmin, enjoy hard dutch EDM, technology and Guiness.

I've been doing PvP from wotlk to WoD, and have been raiding for the entirety of Legion.

You can contact me through discord: Kaew#5930.

Character information

Character Information

Survival, Beast Mastery
  • Survival: 0
  • Marksmanship: 82
  • Beast Mastery: 67
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My hunter is only focused on MM spec with some side work on my BM spec, but it's not very interesting. Survival is a meme spec so...

If I were to play another ranged DPS I'd likely work on my mage or boost a warlock.

Anyway,throughout Legion, I've maintained a second main to allow better class or spec switching (even role! My Shaman is resto specc'd and I was able to switch to elemental as well).

My mains are:

Kaew - MM Hunter (ToS/ABT main)
Kaev - Resto Shaman (ToS/ABT main)

Both of these are 10/11M with very good gear.

I'm currently working on:

Kaewz - frost/blood DK (EN/ToV main) -
Kaewx: Holy pally (just love healing on it atm but nothing too serious, maybe for BfA)
Kaevx - Havoc DH - NH Main, mostly mythic+

Want to mention my 'main switching' has more often been to fill guild needs rather than me being unreliable and switching class every tier, I love pretty much all the specs I play and don't mind investing time & resources into what the guild needs.

For BfA, any of these can be played at a raiding level, or even for Legion if given notice. My DK/DH have all spec respective legendaries so little time would be needed to catch up to a raid-level gear. It's just a matter of what's needed.

You can see their armory here:

Death Knight
Demon Hunter

I've also gotten a fire mage@930, and a holy/shadow priest that I don't play.

EDIT: I've updated my characters on my profile page, so you can easily check them out if you wish to.

Other information

Other Information

UI Screenshot Click the image/link to see the original (opens in a new tab by default)
Core reasons: Your raiding hours, days & level are the primary reason I come to you and not another guild. You offer what I'm looking for in the structure of a guild.

All I know from you is your wowprogress and logs, so I'm not bullshitting here:

I want to raid, at a high enough level, in a guild that takes raiding hours seriously, promoting a good raiding atmosphere fit for efficient progress all the while maintaining a social aspect, with banter or memes, inside jokes and overall a strong community. You seem to be what I'm looking for, so here I am.

I'd note that there's a part of your wowprogress description that I value a lot, the part where you mention timing to give constructive criticism. Have seen too many raid night go to shit like that, so that's really a plus for me.

In return, I offer the same things:

- Dedicated player, I put hours and energy into improving myself, keeping up to date with my classes, the game, running simulations, this kind of thing.

- I'm a very competitive player in every game I play, having reached a fairly high level in almost every competitive game I play or played (LoL, csgo, wow, hearthstone, overwatch & HotS). I've put countless hours into these games, improving, wondering what I can do better, reviewing what I do right or not, all of that applies to WoW.

- Chill and friendly, I'm pretty outgoing and I love the social aspect of WoW guilds and the banter associated with multicultural European guilds. I talk on discord easily and you can make fun of my french accent any day :).

- I bring my A game to every raid night, no cheaping out, no autopilot mode.

- I have convenient work hours and little responsibilities in my life so my attendance is guaranteed close to 100%. I have a smartphone I can use so should anything come up you'll be aware.
EN 7/7M (blood & frost DK)
ToV 3/3M (Havoc DH)
NH 10/10M (Havoc DH)(not Cutting edge)
ToS 9/9M (Resto Shaman)
ABT 10/11M (Resto Shaman & MM Hunter)

I did heroic in mop aside from PvP, nothing too serious.
WOTLK to WOD: Trèfle Noir: It was a french wpvp guild that's turned into inactivity due to most people growing out of the game, but we still have a summer gathering in Paris every year.


-(EN/ToV) Screamworks: My first mythic guild, they're turkish (I don't speak turkish). Very casual level but cool people.

-(NH/ToS) Aesthetic Wipes: Kind of a meme guild where it's more banter and memes than actual raiding, very fun times to be fair but I wanted something way more serious. I was the healing officer for ToS.

-(ToS/AbT) Eversio: Good guild, good people. I left to form a guild with a group of friends on Kazzak but it didn't work out.

I was accepted as a trial in Endless but I wanted a raider spot and they couldn't offer me one ; very good guild nonetheless.

In all of these guilds, I have formed numerous friendships and people I'm still in contact with today.
Raiding as a guild and Mythic+ are by far what I love the most in WoW, and they're my endgame. I work hard towards what I want both in my professional and personal life.

Absolutely not, but I've had a fairly fun chat doing free Q&A work for Blïzz for 5 mins

Shaman logs:

I want to mention that I only apply to a guild I want to raid with as a long term goal, that means applying here is a thoughtful decision and I mean what I say.

If you feel like, you can read my Endless application:

it mostly contains the same infos I've written here.

Also, healer UI:

I use the healer UI on shaman/paladin, all my other specs use the same UI as hunter. Yes it's Josh's WAs.

Side note, but the website is very well done, the legendary part maybe a bit overdone ;)

Thank you for reading this far!


19. April 2018 21:43
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Hey there and thanks for your application - we'll get back to you within 48 hours.

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