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Kimmsa's Application Battletag: Not shown for your role. Posted: 05. April 2018 - 20:08

Application has been accepted.

Personal information

Personal Information

Kim Roger
I am an man from Norway that love WoW, ive been playing hardcore for many years and i love what i do, i put all my effort into it.
I dont work so i have alot of time to play, other than that i have an nice attitude and are always positive :D
I might have some bad days, but always keep that to myself, im an funny guy that love to make jokes ( at the right time ofc ), always up for some funny moments in the game or outside the game!

I can attend an 100% of the raidtimes :)

Character information

Character Information

Demon Hunter
  • Vengeance: 60
  • Havoc: 78
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I linked two logs duo namechange when i joined an friendly guild on an another server ( The char is atm on Ragnaros, but will be transfering it if i get into the guild

Here is the link for my logs befor i changed the name:

Other information

Other Information
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I've chosen to apply here duo to been raiding with Krank earlier in Legion, ive had an break now and decided to go hardcore again, and since krank asked me a few weeks back if i ever was coming back i tought maybe i can bring some of my "skills" to this guild, you seems like an guild that have highly progress and the attitude/Positivity i am looking for :)
EN: 7/7M ( Cutting ) World 1421
Tov: 3/3M ( Cutting ) World 338
NH: 10/10M ( Cutting ) World: 198
Tomb: Had an break duo IRL stuff
Antorus 2/11 ( Casual untill BFA comes out to preper stuff for the exspansion )
Scrub Up = Guild disband
Notice me Sylvanas = Guild disband
Xeon = Left duo the leader was way to toxic against some of the members, didnt even need to lift 1 finger to give empty treats to bench ppl couse of other ppl's mistakes ( even if they havent done any mistakes ), so after that i decided to leave to not let it into me to quit raiding..
I raid couse thats what i love about WoW, ive been raiding for many years, even hardcore and casually with friends.. My goals is to help the guild i am in to achieve what their goals is, i love the challenge for each boss and to make myself an even better player than what i am today :)

As far as i know, only Krànk

I will not be playing the DH in BFA, will tho be lvling up a few melees to have them up to speed, waiting to decided wich when BFA is closer to release, but i can promise that i will bring the best into the raids, and keep 2-3 chars up to speed to have the best for the guild on each boss
Stay strong and achieve ur goals!

And yeah, im not the best to apply, always been doing interview on discord/TS when i have joined guilds, but i am trying my best atleast! :D
05. April 2018 21:13
User avatar Frost Death Knight
Can confirm, this is a good guy
05. April 2018 22:37
User avatar Protection Paladin
Hey there, and thanks for your application - we'll get back to you within 48 hours.
07. April 2018 19:29
User avatar Protection Paladin
Accepted for BFA. Welcome to the guild!
07. April 2018 22:50
User avatar Shadow Priest
Velkommen! :)

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